Mike Terith

A flash of brilliant light went before the cold darkness took hold, I was free of the other me, the mike who only wished to see the world burn. The insanity in raging in my head had subsided death was so liberating, even though I missed those who were still alive.  After what could have been lifetimes the white light warmed the cold dark place where my soul had sat and there was a crack before I remembered no more.

I heard a heartbeat getting stronger and stronger, and underneath me was warm but it was beginning to get very cold. I could feel my body but yet I could not control it Did I die or was it all a dream what happened? As I lay in the slowly cooling ground I heard rain hitting the leaves of trees gently, and felt one large rain drop hit my face, the sensation forced my eyes to open.  Around me was dark out of the darkness was lights as bright as flood lights but the source of light did not come from floodlights.  My chest felt like it was being crushed by a large weight and my head felt like it was about to explode. I felt like I was underneath the surface of water struggling for air. I took my first breath gratefully knowing that I was alive. 

" He has awakened." A deep unearthly like voice said that sounded like it was coming from a distance yet it was very close.

"Good. Give him the blade, and embew his soul with answers, and light. The endless night draws closer."  This voice was lighter but held the same qualities as the one before it.

"Gladly, master."

The the lights got brighter to point where I could only see dark again. After what felt like hours of darkness my eyes opened to see the beautiful blue sky and the warming of the sun, and the a cool breeze blowing through tall green grass.  My body felt stronger much stronger and as I got up I found my self sailing through the air I reached forward to catch my fall to see that the marks that were growing all over me had reached down my arm and back. I hit the ground hard causing the grass and dirt to cave in under the force. What happened to me? What were those things, and what did they mean give me the blade and embew my soul with answers and light? I did not know anymore then I did when I had offed myself. Did I even off myself? I didn't know but I did know I felt like i was forgetting something. But what was I forgetting? Any memories I had  before killing myself were mixed up and blurredI remembered names, Ash, Jade, Billie, Leon, Chase, and Morpher. I could see all there faces and a strong connections with Ash, Jade, Billie. Even stronger when it came to Billie.

When I thought of the name Morpher a strong emotion of hatred and anger swelled in my chest, he obviously was someone i had to watch for and destroy if I see him. 
I also needed to find Billie I was worrying that she was in trouble, and after that I felt I needed to meet up with Ash. But for now I needed to find out where I am and where I should go. I stood still contemplating my next move.

  As the sun shifted position in the sky a shining light in the corner of my eye caught my attention, I turned to see a large blade sticking out of the ground proudly defying the growing strength of the wind.  I'm guessing that was the blade was what the things or people were talking about. The blade had two colours on one side shining silver and on the other an obsidian black. It was also large about half a foot from edge to edge and it was at least reached five foot five in height. I grasped the hilt feeling a draw of my power and a feeling of static electricity flow through me. With one hand I pulled the sword impossibly gigantic sword out of the ground with ease. I swung it around admiring how smoothly if travelled through the air.  I placed it on my back using an electromagnetic field so it would stick to my back until i fashioned or found a sheath for it.

I turned to look towards the forest to see a group of people walking out of it all of them had very pail skin, I knew immediately they were vampires, and they hadn't noticed me yet. But what where they doing?

The End

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