Not What I Remember.Mature

Billie Jayson.

Our lips seperate slowly and I can feel myself flush.

Still in Mikes arms I look up to his face, not believing that he's really in front of me.

I can feel a bright smile on my face as I stroke Mikes cheek.

My yellow eyes scan Mikes face, the face that I believed I'd never see again and yet here he is. Right in my arms. And a few wonderful moments ago his lips were on mine.

His eyes look a little distant and different to what I remember. They seem colder, harsher.

I shake my head smiling up at him holding his hands in mine tightly.

"It worked. It really worked and I'm never going to let you go again. I love you Mike." My voice is coming out above a whisper.

Mikes head snapped down looking into my eyes.

"What worked?" His voice is rough. Rougher than I recall.

I giggle slightly. "The book silly."

Mike eyes grow harder. Sharper. Deadlier.

His grip tightens on my arms and I feel the warmth that I got from our kiss seeping quickly out of me leaving in its place coldness.

"Where is the book?"

"Mike I don't like you ton..."


A loud cry comes from somewhere in the woods. A wolf cry.

Mike loosens his grip kissing my lips fast. "Lets get out of here."

I nod picking up the book, holding Mikes hand and leading him out of the woods in the opposite direction to the hospital.

"We can go back to Ashs.."


"But all our stuff is.."

"I said no."

I stop dead, gripping the book harder feeling dizzy. I narrow my eyes opening my mouth to protess at getting ordered about but the look on his face stops any words coming from my lips.

"It's your fault I died you know. All your fault. Just like that vampire scum of a boyfriend that you killed."

Mikes face is slightly twisted, enjoying my discomfort.

"You ruined his face, seeling his fate. Turning him into a leach then stabbing him. Again and again."

"Stop it." My voice is weak, maing him enjoy it even more. "This isn't like you."

Mikes face lightens slightly, stroking my cheek.

"Sorry baby. But you did kill me. Death follows you wherever you go. But do what I say and it'll go away." I nod slightly, not trusting my own words.

"Then we'll live for a very long time. With the books help."

I nod, smiling slightly. "Okay. I have an idea where we can go."

Mikes face lights up to what I remembered it used to be like. He smiles down at me kissing my lips softly.

"That's it. Good girl."


The End

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