Ash Rivers

The vamps stopped what they were doing as I entered the house. Two held Jade in a tight grip, but she didn’t care I could see it in her eyes that shone towards me. “Ash.” She gasped.

“What is the meaning of all of this?” One of them said coming down the stairs.

“Like you need to ask, isn’t it obvious he’s come to recuse the damsel in distress and save the day zooming off in his flashy car.” Leon said walking up to me.

“Shouldn’t you be chasing some ball, you back stabbing mutt?” I replied.

“Your pay for that, I’ll see that you do.” Leon’s voice hard and flat as he spoke.

I smiled rolling my eyes. “Well if you could just give me Jade and we’re be going.”

They was a collective smiles and laughs from the hungry looking crowed. “No chance Ash, we’re having Jade.”

“I’m not some prize to be won.” Jade spoke up, I smiled towards her shocked at her confidence.

“Would you fight for her Ash?” The vamp with dark hair suddenly said stepping to close for my liking.

“What like this?” My hand moved fast from my leather jacket pulling the wooden stake out and slashing it across his cheek. The vamp hissed holding his dark bloody cheek.

“I’m going to kill you.” He snarled flashing his fangs.

“Let’s go outside, it would be a shame to spill your blood on the carpet.”

Outside they surrounded me in a large circle, Leon insisted that Jade and Raine whoever he was some vamp came outside with us. The vamp Brett positioned himself ready to attack. I stood ready staring into his eyes awaiting his move.

“No powers Ash, I’ve heard about you.” The vamp who apparently was Raine father said.

“I don’t need it.”

“Good, proceed.” Brett lunged himself and didn’t last long.

Some of the other vamps came then wanting revenge on the ones that I had killed before them. Some battles lasted seconds and some a little longer. One had me pinned to the ground and was about to strike when reached up and twisted his neck to an impossible angle and then stabbing him through the heart.

But as I stood something came flying at me knocking the stake out of my hand. Leon. Worse Leon in wolf form. “Were you feeling left out?” He growled and lunged at me. Now fighting a vampire is mostly like fighting a person who is stronger, however fighting a werewolf is a little trickery. We rolled hitting each other and I tried not to get to close to his sharp teeth. And to add to a brilliant night out it started to rain.

“ASH!” Jade shout over the thunder and lightning. “Look out!” Leon had managed to flip me pinning me down.

“RUN JADE!” I shouted. Leon ears pinned up and looked back to me.6,5,…

“Leon please don’t do this.”4,3

“Kill him! Do it!” The vampires were enjoying this and were distracted which was what I wanted. Leon looked up to Jade and everyone, showing a wolfy grin and howled to the full moon.2…He bent his neck and opened his mouth wider. I looked over to Jade face, her screaming, pulling against the grip and holding back the tears.

“One.” I whispered winking at her as two howls echoed in the forest.

This was when my plan got interesting. Leon was knocked off me by Chase, I jumped up watching Chase, Leon stand side by side each other and a grey wolf stood with them. Drake? The wolves lunged as did the vampires. I ran myself heading toward Jade.

“Ash. Help me.” She called to me, the vamps snarled and one came at me seeing me without an weapon he smiled. Stupid blood sucker. I smiled dangerously feeling my power come to me changing the look on his face as I embraced the nature essence. My body moved ducking his attacks before making my move on his weak point. The other vampire a female came running and I made the mud hold him in place and attacked the female by snapping her neck. I pulled the wooden stake from my boot and hit the vampire in mud, he fell to the ground.

“I’m coming Ja-

“Watch out!” But her warning was too late; Raine father grabbed me by the throat holding me up.

“Sorry Jade but you not getting your knight in shining aroma or your fairly ever after.” He squeezed making me gasp, my scar burned and sent pain around my body. “Raine don’t go running off now because your next.” His grip was too tight now, the world seemed to be slowing and Jade face was burring. “Goodbye Ash Rivers, the endless night is closer than you think” Was the last thing I heard before everything went black.


“I can’t believe this. That two of them down.”

“What happened?”

“Whatever it was it was some strange power, I’ve never seen anything like it in my years.”

I was in a foggy haze wondering what the hell was going on.

“Shouldn’t we do something?”

“Like what Chase?”

“Well you know….kiss of life?”

“Your dog breath is not coming anywhere near my mouth.” My eyes opened seeing the wolves returned to human form. “Where’s Jade? Drake where did you appear from?”

“Hello to you to Ash and Jade is lying next to you. She’s breathing don’t worry.” Drake explained.

“What happened, last thing I remember was Raine father choking me and well hearing your voices?” We were on the dirt track by my car; a hint of smoke was in the air. “What the hell happened?”

“Look Ash we better get back, it’s getting late and it’s freezing.” Leon held his hand out to me and helped me up. “I’ll get Jade.”

“No. I will thanks.”

“Then who’s driving?” Chase asked.

I chucked Leon the car keys without thinking about someone else driving my car. “Get us home mate.” A smile pasted between us, something that wouldn’t of happened a week as a go.

“Keep her safe…in the car.”

“I’ll always protect her and my friends.”  




The End

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