Useless PowerMature

Jade Sapphire

I felt helpless as I hid behind Raine when his parents took closer steps towards us, their eyes flashing menacingly at me. They wanted me and yet, Raine's trying to protect me. But he couldn't find the two of them by himself and unlike others; I didn't have full control of my powers. Heck! I don't even know what my powers are really are!

"Jade, make a run for it," Raine whispered to me, his voice heavy with tension.

"But how can I? The door's covered, courtesy of your vampire parents and -"

"I don't have the patience to listen to your sarcasm Jade," he hissed at me, his eyes still flickering to his parents who didn't look they'd stick around to hear our chat anymore. "Jump out the window. I'll make sure nothing happens, just try and get the hell out of here."

The distance between where Raine and I stood and the window wasn't much and I knew in one quick stride I could make my way out. But from where I stood now, I could also see a good view of what was outside. What looked like at least ten to fifteen vampires were making their way towards the house and if I made a jump out, the chances of me getting caught would only increase more.

"Raine, we've called the others to come. Now the best thing for you to do now is hand the girl to us and we won't harm you."

"There's like twenty of them outside," I whispered to him, the panic inside my chest increasing. I could see he felt no different from me when his eyes swept, observing the room and the chances of us escaping in any other way. But we both knew we were trapped.

"Now hand Jade to us," his mother said, moving closer.

"Go to hell."

Then before I could make anything of it, he kicked his mom and sent her flying through the wall and at what looked like a superhuman speed, knocked his father out the way with a punch to the gut. Grabbing hold of my hand, we ran out the door and made our way down the stairs, with a few trips here and there. The moment we entered the hall, we knew we couldn't make it out as the vampires from outside surrounded all exits.


His grip on my arm tightened even more as did mine. We were trapped and there was no way we would be able to get out unless a miracle happened. Ironically, just as the word 'miracle' crossed my mind, the front door slammed open and Leon stood there, his eyes on me.

"Leon. Help us," my voice was barely a whisper but Leon heard me. The expression on his face was unfathomable as he stared at me.

"Leon. Here to save the day are you?" A dark haired vampire from the group turned around and gave an evil grin at Leon who smiled back.

"Why would I Brett? She's no use to me. Are you Jade?"

I can't describe the shock that flitted inside me. The look Leon gave me was cruel and mirthless, as if he hated me so much. Surely, there should be a reason for it. A valid one. Did he see the disadvantage he'd have for himself if he fought with us, on our side?

"Raine, move aside. We look upon you as part of our group. Don't make a mistake," the same vampire said, his dark eyes focused on Raine.

"I don't think it's me making the mistake now."

"Very well."

The next thing I know, the vampires surrounding us moved quickly forward, trying to catch ahold of me but Raine started to fight them off, kicking one, punching another trying to stop them from getting ahold of me. Nevertheless, he wouldn't be able to take them all on.

Taking deep breaths, I tried to muster up the power I once used in vampire combat with Eric. It proved useless as the seconds passed but from the corner of my eye, I saw Ash enter the room. The others didn't realize this till Leon put it to notice.

"Look who's here, if it weren't Ash Rivers," he said in a mocking tone.

What is he doing?! I hope that they do have a good back up plan to get us rescued because if they didn't, we'd be dead.  

The End

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