Eve: Surely I'm dreaming...Apparently notMature


I knew that I had to be dreaming when I heard a familiar voice close to my bed, touching my hand and a light kiss on my forehead.

“How is she?” The voice belonged to my brother Jason.

“She lost a lot of blood and was badly injured, but she’s making progress.” The nurse informed him.

“Will she be awake soon?” He asked.

“In her own time, she woke earlier so she really is doing well. Can I ask though, do you know what happened?”

It was quite in the room Jason of course wasn’t there; well I hoped that he wasn’t. “I…no I don’t. I just got a text from a number I don’t recognize telling me where to find her.”

The nurse must have left Jason alone because when I opened my eyes-again he was the only on in the room.

“I’m either still dreaming or they’ve drug me soo much that I’m seeing things.” Jason’s head snapped up and he let go of my hand.


“Hey little bro.” I smiled weakly shocked to see him actually here after all of this time. “You’ve grown.”

He shrugged waving it off. “Yeah well you haven’t really been in touch have you.”

My gaze drifted over his brown tousled hair, lean muscular body, hard farcical features and then of course those sky blue eyes.

“Why did you do it Eve?” Jason asked “I know that you did in the past, but this…why?” 

“It’s got nothing to do with you Jas.” I sighed running my finders through my blonde hair. “Just leave it”

“No I won’t leave it…not this time.” Jason seemed older than me just now which was strange.

“It has nothing to do with you Jason…why are you here anyway?” My voice rose meeting his stern looking face. “Come on Jason, why are you here?”

We glared at each other for a moment, and then Jason turned his back and started to pace in the small room. He looked stressed and his tense shoulders told me that he was feeling uncomfortable. “Why did you go Eve? I don’t mean now…why did you leave me alone with mum? You knew what she was like.” He wouldn’t look at me.

“I had to go Jas, I’m sorry but I hated leaving you.” I managed to sit up and move my legs off the bed. “I should been there, for mum and you…I’m your big sister and-

“Yeah dam right you are…you were…you…” Jason stopped catching his breath and running his hand through his hair. Jason was vulnerable. I knew that his eyes would trying to hold back his emotions from that night that I left him. “Even though I was little, I understood what you did…I remember the little scars.”

“Jason…I didn’t do this…I promise.” I went over to him lightly touching his shoulder. “I needed to go…it was wrong.”

Jason turned looking at my hand. “No…you had to leave…so who did do this to you?”

“A vampire.”   

The End

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