Mine Forever.Mature

Billie Jayson.
The words flow from my mouth like black velvet through fingertips.

As my words start to rush, getting louder in the suddenly deadly quiet world
around me, the leaves in front of me start to get caught by the wind.

The dark leaves get lead around and around, high and higher, faster and
faster untill they are nothing but dark blurs before me.

" '...And with these words, I give myself to this power. I give myself to this book.
I give myself to the one I'll bring back. With this book, I bring back the one who
was tacken. With this book, I bring back the one who is gone. I bring him back
to me, wherever he shall be. With the power of this book, I bring him to me!' "

As instructed by the book, I bleed over the book again, my blood a brighter
silver than ever before.

 I raise my head, away from the book that glows with my blood, up to where the
leaves rappidly chase each other.

My head feels heavy but I ignore the need to lower it.

A loud crack, just like in a thunderstorm, makes me shield my eyes slightly as
there's a bright light coming from the dark leaves.

After a loud, bright, roar-like crack, a great gust of icecold air forces me to fall
backwards from my sitting possition on the rough floor.

I get onto my feet slowly, head spinning. I black out the sick feeling growing
steadily inside of me as my yellow eyes bulge at the view in front of me.

"Y-Y-You're..." The rest of my words get cut off as I make my way forward,
hand outstreched.

Just inches away from what the book helped me to create.

My body's shaking but not from the dizzieness, from the the pure excitement.

My hand touches his strong chest, confirming that he's really here. With me.

A gasp escapes from my mouth, a smile on my lips.

I look up into his face, feeling more alive then I thought  I could possibly be
in a long time.

I take my hand from his chest up to his cheek. I stroke it gently.

He's real!

He's here!

He's mine!     

"I love you Mike." I whisper gently.

Before I let him react, I crush my lips onto his, feeling warmth and comfort
that I've been craving for such a long time.

All my thoughts are on Mike. He's not dead. Not anymore.

Our kiss deepens, getting rouger as my arms wrap around his neck, pushing
ourselves closer to each other.

Mike. My Mike. Forever...                

The End

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