Billie Jayson.

" 'Let the skies fall from the heavens. Let the oldest tree burn.' " As I read the
words, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

I ignore them, focusing on what I'm doing and why.

" 'Bring back the one who has gone. Bring back the one who I know so well.
If it has to be then drag him out from the halls of hell.' "
My voice is shaking,
excitement and nerves building rappidly.

 Even though I'm focusing on the book, I can tell that it's already dark around

I shiver, feeling like I'm doing something terribly wrong but there's no way to
stop now. Even if I wanted to, the pull of the book is too strong to resist now
I've got started.

I lick my lips, feeling my blood pumping rappidly around my body. Not only
is the power from the book for intriguing and strong, but soon Mike will be
with me again and we shall be tied together, not just by my love for him but
by magic.

After this, we'll never be on our own.

I'll always be with him. No matter what.

The End

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