Why did I ever come up with this plan?Mature

Ash River

Like a switch I turned all my heartache for Eve off. All my worry and concern for Billie and Mike...I turned it off. It was something that I drilled into myself over the years and after all this time I had it mastered. Somehow Eve had given me the location to finding Jade. Jade. That was all that mattered now. So with the wolves as back-up we headed off into the night with one thing on our minds.

I hid the Porsche under the shadow of the trees and we got out the car. The wolves were still in their human form waited while I checked the ground, trying to pick up a better reading.

"Leon, see that trail think you could sense anything, my skills only stretch so far." I asked Leon nodded and walked by the trail his head moving around. Chase went over to.

"Bad vibes...what do you think Leon can you sense them?" Chase said to Leon whose eyes were pinned down the trail.

"Hmm two in fact a human but a mixed up scent..." Leon trailed off.

I didn't need to ask what the ‘2' was; I already picked up on the vamps and had to wooden stakes in my leather jacket. "What's the plan Ash?"

"Well they might pick up on our scent, if they don't then we have the element of surprise and we need to get closer to the house.-

"Wait." Chase had been low to the ground and his head snapped up. Then he changed into his brown silver wolf and raised his snout sniffing the air. He moved his ears and his heckles went up on his neck. A low growl came from his throat.

"There's more than two vamps right?" Leon reading Chase eyes cursed under his breath.

"Okay I have a new plan...a way of getting in the house...but it's risky." I laughed knowing that Leon was going to enjoy this. "Leon don't they say that a dog bark it worse then it's bite?"

"Ash this really isn't the time...but apparently so why I might ask?" I had the satisfaction of seeing Leon confused and totally lost. But I smiled thinking of my plan...could cost me my life...but this was for Jade and she was the only thing that mattered. "I need you to bite me."

The End

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