"I promise." I whisper softly, looking at the sleeping Eve.

I bite my lip, turning invisable. Should I stay or should I go?

I sit back down by her bed, a pain prickling my neck that's been nagging me from the first time Eve mentioned the vampire bites. I run my hand over the cover of the book, my thoughts turning back to Mike.

A warm glow of hope travels through my fingertips, I could do it. I could bring him back. All of the things I have imagined between the two of us can still happen, if I bring him back.

Two nurses coming in the room, checking Eves machines, and walking out again.

I look at my hand, feeling the warm sensation running down from my fingertips. I sigh, getting to my feet as I try not to get any of this strange silver blood on the floor.

"I'll be back Eve and when I am, I'm going to find out everything about the physco that did this to you. And then I'll kill him. No one, no matter if he was a vampire and now some freaky strange creature will ever get away with hurting my friends!" With a smile on my lips, I walk out, knowing that if anyone just hurt me would feel like their're going mad hearing a voice with no person speaking them.

I run out the hospital, back in the forests, back visable.

I grip the book hard, my knuckles white and my fingers on my left hand still bleeding the silver liquid.

Further and further I head through the forest, getting as far away from anysigns of humans as possible. I don't want anyone to bother me, not now anyway, I just want to be alone while I think.

I look around, hearing the sounds of life in the forests as I try to think out what I was going to do now.

I think about all the people I have lost, Mikes' face is the clearest out of all of them; even Matts. I can't keep doing this, not anymore.

I've only got two choses really: go away, start a fresh and keep myself  distant from everyone and everything, live life an empty shell.

Or, I could bring Mike back.

I wipe the blood on my dress, glad it has finally stopped bleeding, as I sit onthe ground with my legs crossed.

The book opens in my hands, turning to the page that I'm longing to read out of.

I trace the words with my fingers, my blood sticking to the page, just like the book tells me to.

The air around me grows cold, the wind starting to pick up. I now can't here the sounds of forest life anymore, just my blood pumping through my veins, excitement near to overpowering me.

"Here goes nothing." I whisper, sitting up straighter, licking my lips as I feel the power of the words I'm about to speak weighing on my tounge. A smile comes onto my face, soon Mike will be back here and it'll be like none of this ever happened.

The End

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