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 "I know you didn't try to kill yourself." Her words hung in the air between us, my sore weak body went tens and my eyes fell to my bandage wrists. I couldn't work this girl out. What was she doing here? Why would she even care about some like me? My anger was flaring up, looking over to the machine that was checking my blood and heart rate I could see it rising.

I needed to divert the conversation from me to her and picking a weak spot. "Where's your boyfriend, Mike? Had another argument have we?" It seemed to affect her...but not how I thought...something changed in her.

"He's dead." It was Billie voice but she seemed older and tired all at once. Looking more closely, I could see how much she'd changed and not all of it for the better. Billie had seen too much sorrow, hardship and her body was taking the tyro of it. I wanted to say something but what could I say. Also something didn't feel right and it kept niggling the back of my mind. I was trying to focus on it when her voice cut me off.

 "Now. Tell me who tried to kill you and make it look like a suicide."

"Billie...how do you know I didn't do this to myself?" I challenged back raising an eyebrow. When she didn't say anything I smiled. "I use to do it, Ash probably hasn't got round to telling you the whole family tree." My words kept getting caught in my dry throat.

Billie poured me a glass of water from the jug and carefully handed it to me avoiding my bandages. The water was cool going down my throat and I closed my eyes enjoying the taste. Billie was watching, never taking her eyes off me and waiting for her answer.

I sighed leaning back on my pillow. "You're never going to let it go are you?"

A slight smile passed her lips without warning. "Come on Eve...surly you must know enough about me now to know that I won't back down...I..."

I took her hand lightly noticing how much colder mine is to hers. "Billie...I can't tell them...." She opened her mouth to interrupt but I carried on shocking myself. "But I'll tell you."

"Does Ash know?" Billie looked round checking the door that was already closed.

"No...and it's staying like that." I sighed again and moved put some more water in the glass. Pain creased my body and as I stretched my right side I cried out.

"Eve what is it...nurse!" Billie stood up trying to push me back to the bed and the glass fell from my fingers smashing into tiny pieces.

"Billie clam down." I said through gritted teeth holding my right hip.

"Your bleeding...where's the blood?"

"Please don't...see it." I whispered hiding my eyes with my arms.

"Eve will you please tell me what is going on." Billie's voice was filled with worry and annoys at the same time.

"You really want to see Billie, well here have a good look and please don't be too freaked by it." I pulled the blanket off me and pulled the hospital gown up-feeling grateful that my underwear was still on. The banged on my scar was red with blood and I carefully pulled it off...showing Billie Callum bite mark on my right hip. "Because Ash has got his very own vampire ownership on left side of his neck."

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

We both just stood there not saying anything, until we both jumped hearing a bang a few doors up. Quickly I got back into the bed and Billie dived for the chair by my bed also grabbing black cover book.

"What's that?" I whispered like a child playing a hide and sneck game.

"Erm...'Vampires that bite 101, all you need to know by Dracula'." She replied.

"Huh? Well I wonder if he only does night-time book signings." I smiled as the door opened with a nurse coming in. I looked over at Billie shocked to see her face trying to hide a smile and failing. "Think he'll sign in black ink or blood?"

"How are you feeling Eve?" She was young and pretty with blood dry red hair, big brown eyes. "Was you crying out before?"

"I erm...yeah." She nodded and checked some paper work and other technical stuff.

"This should help with the pain and you need to rest." Looking at me then frowning at Billie. "You can't be here I'm afraid."

"5mintues please." I begged sinking back even more into the pillow looking at the new drip bag.

"Ok, I'll check on you again..." The door closed and Billie started to laugh.

I tired but it hurt and was to tiring for me. "Callum...heee was  a vamppireee, it's complicated...He's related to Robert." My eyes were closing and my voice going drowsily. "No one knows...he did thissss. Prom...Promise me."

"Eve, shh sleep."

"Promm...don don tell Assssss......"   






The End

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