Finding The Truth.Mature

Billie Jayson.

Mud is splashed all up my body, which is now not smokey but invisible.

I wipe my mouth as I turn my sprint into a light jog towards the clearing
in the woods.

I run my hands through my hair, trying to tame it but knowing it'll be no
good. Oh well, I'm just going into the hospital, it's not like I'm entering a
model competition.

I turn myself visible again, after trying and failing twice.

I put a shaky hand to my head as I get a sudden head rush. God, I'm so
messed up right now.

I ignore the wave of emotions as I see a patient get rushed into the hospital,
their arm bleeding so much that it looks like there's more blood than arm on
the outside.

Pull it together Billie! It's not as if you two were going out or anything!

A lump appears in my throat as I think about all the 'what ifs' that I had when
it came to Mike.

God, it's even hard thinking of his name.

I look down at the new clothes I stole from someones house when I wasn't
visible. A soft, white, dress with a black belt and black leather jacket. My
trainers are dirty but it kind of goes with what I'm wearing. Somehow.

Right, no time like the present.

I sprint towards the hospital, hiding my hand that has somehow got itself
cut and bleeding.


I sit on the plastic chair besides the private hospital bed, near the window,
flicking through the vampire book which is now visible.

Hmm, maybe I could find something in here that'll help disconnect myself
from everyone.

My eyes linger on the page about bringing back the dead. It says they won't
be the same, that they'll become a creature that'll forever roam the Earth...

"What the hell are you doing here?" A croaky, dry, voice asks from the hospital

"I'm here to see how you're getting on. You gave that cousin of yours quiet a
scare." I keep my voice soft, bored, as I close the book and put it by my side.

I lean back in my chair, my arms folded as I look at her straight in her eyes.

"Oh, so Ash has asked you to look after me while he goes off doing
whatever?" It's obvious that every word pains her but she's keeping it
together really well.

"He is off saving Jade, so he doesn't know I'm here." I cross my legs, keeping
my face blank.

"Wow. You must really hate me if you're here to make me worse when your
best friend needs saving."

I tighten my jaw. "She's Ashs problem. He has to sort it out. And I'm not here
because I hate you." Eve raises an eyebrow, mostly in shock than disbelief.

"I know you didn't try to kill yourself."

Eves face goes grave and she breaks eye contact while she looks down at her
lap, remembering.

She snaps her head up to face me, her eyes set.

"Where's your boyfriend, Mike? Had another argument have we?" A small
smile appears at the corner of her lips even though it's causing her pain.

I ignore the temptation to burst out crying, I push it down so deep it
touches my pain about Matts death.

"He's dead." My face and voice dead pan, making Eves smile vanish, sadness
in her eyes.

Eve opens her mouth but I cut in, I really can't do with sympathy now or ever.

"Now. Tell me who tried to kill you and make it look like a suicide."

The End

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