On My Own.Mature

Billie Jayson.

"For the last Time Mike get out of my way you freak!" I yell at Mike.

"Freak?" His voice darkening. "Maybe I should show you what a
freak looks li..." His arm charges as the air pops from the heat. The sound
grew louder, the Paramedics staring, scared.

" NO!" He shouts as a mark grows up his neck the red, and black aura
appearing. His charged arm changes from pointing straight at me, to
his own head.

"Sorry!" He shouts out before blasting himself into nothingness.

Mikes ashes are in a pile on the ground by my feet.

Tears fill my eyes as I every memory, every thought, every feeling about Mike,
crashes into me.

"Mike?" My voice is soft, cracked, as my knees grow weak.

I ignore the paramedics cries of terror, their voices small in my ears as I fall
onto my knees.

I can hear Ash yelling at them to take Eve to the hospital and it must of
worked as they rush her off.

"Oh Mike. Why did you do this?" My tears start to fall from my eyes. It's all my
fault. I've been pushing him away and now he has blown himself up.

"We should get going. Now Eve's at the hospital, we need to find Jade."

I start to shake, fury filling me up.

"And what makes you think I'm going with you? Jade is your responsibility!
You made her go and now you get her back!" I yell, my eyes flashing with

"Look, there's nothing we can do for Mike." My throat tightens again as my
tears fall more frequently. "You have to move on.."

"Oh bite me! He was your friend and you're acting like you don't even care!"

"I do..." I can see the greif in his face but I don't care.

"Go Ash! I... I can't do this anymore." I stare down at the ashes, feeling myself
shake and pain travels all through me. I can feel a warm trickle run from my
nose. I ignore the silver blood as my body turns into smoke again.


It's dark and I don't know when Ash left but I know he's long gone with the

I get to my feet, feeling the numbness taking over me, and leave Eves flat.

Time to go my own way but first I need to visit a friend.

The End

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