I woke up as something fell on me that I couldn't see. My powers were beginning to return, but I still felt like I was weak.

"What is this?" I ask myself getting the weight off my body, and giving it a shock. For a moment Sarah's dead, and burnt body became visible.

"Did I do this?" I ask myself.

"No I did, you conscience was feeling guilty and upset that hm... Slut was seducing you barely functional brain. So I took the liberty of removing the guilt. I'm just surprised the girl isn't ashe's." Evil Mikes voice reverberated through my head.

"Might help to know she is a werewolf." I mutter shaking my head, not feeling to guilt about inadvertently killing her with my psychotic sadistic, other clone me.

"You don't seem to mad about me taking control?" Evil mike says.

"She's annoying, and was making things overly dramatic in are already screwed up lives."

" Don't you hear yourself? Remember earlier, you despised me, you didn't like the idea of killing some one that was on yours side. You wouldn't kill someone because they are....Annoying." He points out putting emphasis on annoying.

"So wha!!...... What did you do?" I say getting angry.

"Nothing really, its bound to happen now the mark has appeared. You have a mission more important than anything else. Your personal emotions towards people are going to fade. Then you will approach true power, you will kill those closest to you if you have to!"

"I will not Become like you!" I shout electricity building in my arm and firing off, turning the wardrobe into ashes.

"Ha ha, and I showed you my inner evil, you soul is already prone to evil, seeing that will only further your existence into my realm. Not only that you can not ignore me anymore, I'm the source of the mark which now keeps you alive. If you turn your back on me, and the mark we'll die. Or better yet, I will be reinstated as the controller." He cackled, " You will be assimilated Mike. I've got you by the balls now. I can terminate your existence!"

" Do it then!" I yell. The mark on my chest burns, and grows further. In my head I see all the reasons to live, to protect the others, especially Billy, and to stop the Vampires from starting the endless night. The pain stops.

"You won't let yourself die, so you will be here to view your transformation. Even though it will not be as satisfying since you will begin to enjoy my existence."

"Shut up! I won't change, for the same reasons I've got for not letting you terminate our existance. Your threats are empty!"

" Perhaps, but you cannot keep those reasons to live for long. The mark wants your goal to be achieved, and if they get in the way, they will be booted!"

"Go away, I'm in power not you!" I say getting up.

"Think what you will but let me ask you this. What is your goal Mike? Oh thats right you weren't the one who got blessed by the Sprite you weren't given the mission! And guess what I'm not telling you!"

" Go screw yourself." I say, heading to the door. Evil Mike shuts up. I clenched my fists. deep down I new he was right. I just didn't like it, but I knew I  changed as I took pleasure in kicking Sarah's lifeless body, which I quickly shoved out the window before finding the note on my door from Eve.


Now at Eve's apartment

As the paramedics came in I felt like I was thinking a lot like evil Mike. She shouldn't be so pissed with me. She wasn't the one that was nearly killed by a powerful vampire. She doesn't know what its like to have a sadistic voice in her head , and she was slowly becoming more like that voice. I thought of making her feel intense pain, maybe I should kill her to? She didn't seem so important anymore, especailly since she was treating me like crap. No I can't do that I.I I I... I shook my head, Evil Mike had done more to me then I had thought. My thinking was unclear, my personality was twisted. It took everything I had not to act upon what I was thinking. I needed to disappear, I need to get my head right, or I was going to kill someone else.

"For the last Time Mike get out of my way you freak!" Billie yells at me.

"Freak?" I question my voice darkening," Maybe I should show you what a freak looks li..." My arm charges as the air pops from the heat. The sound grew louder, the Paramedics stared at me scare. The mark grew up my neck the red , and black aura returning. " NO!" I shout as I found myself preparing to unleash the charge at Billie. I take control over the sadistic impulses, bringing my arm to my hea before I release the charge. 

"Sorry!" I manage to shout at before blasting myself into nothingness.

The End

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