Emotions run high.Mature

Ash River

"What?"  My head snapped up staring at Leon wondering if I heard him right.

"Your never be rid of it Ash, its part of you. " Leon walked over to me; I stood up not liking the fact that he was taller then me.

"What do you mean? Killing Robert will weaken it? But another vampire could take his place? How do you even know all of this?" The questions came pouring out of my mouth.

Leon looked closely at my neck noticing the scratch marks. "If you killed Robert then yes, you'll be free of his command over you...but another will want to take his place, bite you, exchanging blood and maybe even try and turn you." Leon's voice was serious as he spoke, which I liked (to and extent) and looking into his eyes I could see that he was telling the truth.

"I'm easy pickings then, the hunt for fresh blood." I shock my head running a through my black tousled hair. 

"I'm sorry, unless you know a vampire that you trust but even that ca-

"Just shut-up! I don't want to hear anymore. Either way I'm not getting out of it." Again my neck started to burn and my anger flared up, which wasn't good. The cry of a familiar sound echoed around my body, telling me that Frazz was close by and sure enough the phoenix came and landed on my shoulder.

And that was when everything kicked off between me and Leon. It was a good one until Billie came and ruined it. When me and Leon walked back into the house with her, I was struck with the memory of being in school. Having to walk to the head teacher office, with my fists bleeding from where I had been fighting.

Billie's words where still buzzing round my head as we all sat down for out ‘team meeting', Just because you two are both in love with Jade. In love seriously me? Ash River in love. No. What was love anyway? I don't do love, it hurts too much.  I was only really half listening, wanting to check my emails and call people to check on work.

A piece of paper in Mike hand suddenly catches my attention; I jump up taking the paper and recognize the neat handwriting; 

‘Be back at 6:15pm, Ash you know me I will probably be back at 6:00pm *wink*. Just had to pop back to my flat, to get something to help you with Jade. See you little cousin, EM x' 

I glanced at the clock seeing the time. "She said she was going to be back at 6:15. That was six minuets ago" I didn't this one bit, it just wasn't like her and I had a bad feeling about this.

"Big deal, she'll be back. I'm always late, right Leon?" The urge to kick the pup Chase just then was unbearable.

 "You don't get it. She's never late. Never. I'm going to see if she's okay,maybe she needs help in whatever she has that will find Jade." I muttered looking at the note again and the clock.

 "In that case, I'm coming too. Anything to help get Jade back." Leon stood up too, we locked eyes and all at once I saw the concern he felt for Jade. It also struck me how much cared for her, how he looked after her in the past, they had a bond that was more then just love. 

We were just sorting out how we were going to get to Eve's when Leon came over to me. "Be careful Rivers, things are changing,"

"What do you mean?" I asked seeing Billie and Mike climb on to the back sit.

He lowered his voice nodding toward Billie whose face was a picture of annoyance. "Her scent and your scent...there's something about it similar and Mike I'm getting strange feelings about him....so I'm saying watch your back."

"Leon...thanks." He nodded and then I went into the car and slammed my foot down driving off into the sunset. 

The brakes screeched to a stop 10 minutes later outside Eve's flat. I was out the car before Mike and Billie took there seat belts off. It looked normal enough, maybe a little quite but something was wrong. I ran up the stairs taking them two and at a time vaguely hearing the others behind me. When I reached her corridor a cold eerie feeling crept over me. There was no noise, no people. 

"Ash, wait for us." Someone shouted, but I ignored them going over to Eve's door and slowly I opened the door walking steadily down the short hallway. 

Time stood still. 

Everything was a mess. Glass was broken, tables, chairs knocked over and books/paper work is scattered all over the place. But I didn't pay much notice; there were dark patches on the sofa and the floor. I closed my eyes opening my senses more. It was blood. Turning I saw where the blood was coming from. 

"Why, Eve?" I muttered. The others were close behind me they stopped taking in the scene like I had. I walked over to her lying on the floor, blood surrounding her and I crouched down checking her pulse.


"Call ambulance now." I ordered someone, she was barley breathing.

"Get me a blanket or something." I snapped I wondered where the blood was coming from, until I saw her bleeding wrists. "Quickly."

"Ash here take this." Mike came besides me handing me a white dish cloth. "She be okay."

"How did she do it, in fact why? This is all we need, some help she-

I jumped up and slammed Billie against the wall. "Don't you dare think that she done this...I know her more then you do Billie." I released her stun body and went back to Eve's side.

"Aas...gooo." Eve slurred.

"Shh it's okay I'm here. The ambulance is coming, shh." I mumbled

"Goo fiind Jaa...nnnoww." Eve's eyes opened weakly she lifted her hand and all at once I felt her power inside of me. "Gooo...." Eve's closed her eyes just as the paramedics came into her flat.  


The End

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