That Was My Plan! - And Frazzles.Mature

I open the door with so much force, the door rattles against the wall. My eyes
scan the room. Damn! Ash isn't here! I bet he's outside.

"Frazz, you go out the window and I'll meet you outside. With Ash." I stroke
the fiery phoenix feathers then watch him take off.

I shiver a bit, lost in thoughts and memories. Bad memories.

"Stop it Jayson! Get a grip girl!" I hiss to myself as I run out the room and
down the stairs, ignoring Mikes room.

As I rush through the kitchen, I can't help thinking about those bad
memories but I just can't block it out like I can with most things.

The images of all the bad I've done in my life flashes in front of my eyes,
making my head spin, with a cold voice whispering away.

It's going to happen again.

You're going to lose them.

Go to the book, it'll help you find your way before you ruin them all.

My heart is in my mouth as the urge of the following the voices orders nearly
overpower me. I turn around, not really telling myself to, as I take my invisible
bag off of my shoulder.

My fingers stop on the cold zip, frozen as I hear a cry from Frazz and the
voices of Ash and Leon.

They bring me back to my senses and I head towards them, dazed.

As soon as I go over to them I know there's no need to worry about my face
giving myself away that I heard a strange voice in my head, as the boys are
both glaring at each other in a heated argument.

"We don't keep the pheonix here! It came to us and it comes and goes as it
pleases!" Ashs voice is sharp but his gaze is sharper.

"Ash, the pheonix has a name. He's Frazz." I say, trying to keep my voice light
like it normally is but I can hear the dullness in it. Fortunatly, the guys don't
seem to notice.

"See what I was saying? You've bloody named the bird! He's a wild creature
and he shouldn't be caged off from the rest of his kind like this!" Leons voice
is just as sharp as Ashs.

"Hey! Just because you two are both in love with Jade does not mean that
when she's gone that you two have to debate about everything else!" I
yell, my throat hurting.

They both turn to me, their expressions softer than before.

"Frazz can come and go whenever he pleases and I know never to lock up a
wild animal, it's not nice." I look Leon right in the eyes, knowing he
understands. "And Ash, there's no point arguing with the wolves. We all miss
Jade." I switch my gaze towards Ash Rivers.

"Don't start that Billie. You can't just tell people to get along with them
wolves when everyone knows you know what's happend to Sarah." Ash's
voice is sharp, making me narrow my eyes at him and ball my fists.

"Wait, you know where Sarah is?" Leons eyes flicker from Ash to me.

"Leave it. Anyway, you two follow me in the living room." I turn and head
straight to the house with Frazz flying overhead. I can hear the guys following
close behind.

Good, now we can all work together and find Jade! God, I hope she's okay...

My hand flies straight to my neck as a sharp pain comes from it.

My fingers are warm and as I take my hand away I can see the silver
blood. What the hell is going on?

I shove away dark thoughts and carry on walking, the others never need to
know about this. Not now anyway. I cover up my neck with my hair, knowing
they won't be able to see the strange silver blood coming out of my vampire

Once we're all seated in the living room, I look at them all. Chase looks
confused as we kind of dragged him in here and forced him to sit down but I
can see the strange amusment in his eyes.

Leon has his eyes narrowed as he tries to figure out what my plan is and Ash,
well, he just looks like normal old Ash.

"Where's Mike?" Leon asks sitting back in his chair.

I sharpen my gaze on him, knowing my eyes will make everyone uneasy. I
shrug after a long pause. "Upstairs. We don't need him." My voice is cold. Of
course I'm worried about him but he can do whatever he likes with whoever
he likes and that includes the She-Wolf-Slut. It's my new thing, hate it and
there will be far less to lose.

"Yeah, he's probably still too weak anyway." Ash says with a shrug.

"Right. And we're here because...?" Chase has a bored look on his face and I
know Ash would much like to throw something at him but he too is asking the
same question.

"I have a plan. Well, me and Frazz do. I believe something is happeing,
something bad to someone we all love." I look around at them all, making
sure they're listening. "We are all going out there and we're going to get
her back before something terrible happens." I stroke Frazzs feathers as they
all raise their eyebrows up at me.

"Who's she?" Leon asks, hands on his knees.

"She is ..."

"Hey guys, anyone know what this is all about?" Mike walks into the living
room, holding a piece of paper and completely taking away the attention
from me. Great.

Ash takes the paper from him and quickly reads through it a few times, his
eyebrow knitting together.

"It's Eve. She's gone back to hers to help us with Jade."

"Hmmf!" I cross my arms over my chest. The whole saving Jade was s'post to
be because of Frazz and mines plan, not Eves!

Ash looks at the clock, his eyes looking worried.

"She said she was going to be back at 6:15. That was six minuets ago." Ashs
voice is tight but his eyes look anxious.

"Big deal, she'll be back. I'm always late, right Leon?" Chase smiles, jumping
up to his feet.

"You don't get it. She's never late. Never. I'm going to see if she's okay,
maybe she needs help in whatever she has that will find Jade." Ash is
talking more to himself than anyone else.

"In that case, I'm coming too. Anything to help get Jade back." Leon says
while standing up, looking Ash in the eye. Something is passing between
them two, like an unspoken agreement.

Oh this is so not fair! Me and Frazz were the ones who were going to get
everyone all friendly!

The pain in my neck increases and I bite my lip tightly to keep me from
putting my hand to the wound. No one seems to notice as we head
outside, well that's if you don't count Mike who is looking at me.

"What?" I hiss at him as the cold air hits us.

"Mike, Billie, you come in my car. Leon, you and Chase shift to wolf form.
Follow my car and try to keep up." Ash says before Mike can answer me and
gets into his car. Me and Mike follow suit, sitting in the back.

Leon and Ash exchange a few words and in seconds the car roars to life and
zooms off. I can hear the wolves changing their form and I know they'll soon
be running at the same speed as us but more hidden so no one freaks out
about giant wolves.

I rub my neck as Ash drives at dangerous speeds. I can feel Mikes gaze on
me still.

"For gods sake Mike stop staring at me! Bog off or I'll throw you out of this

I look away from Mike, knowing that he knows I'm pissed off with him.

Oh god, I hope we get to Eves soon so Ash knows she's alright or else I think
he might lose it. I seriously have never seen him like this before, I think he
just doesn't want to have another person who he loves go missing again.

Poor Jade. I hope she's okay too.

The End

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