Eve:The lily that was marked.Mature

Evelyn Marie O'Riley

The taste of his lips stayed with me all night, the warmth of his body wrapped round me and his beautiful hazel eyes leaving his mark on me. Even now he still had that effect on me. I sighed turning the key and looking up at the house filled with people, friends that barley knew each other but in days have become more like blood brothers and sisters having each other back. If only I had someone like that. A tear suddenly escapes my eye and I quickly whip it away and take off. Again, reminding me of another time, another girl and another day I wish to forget, but secretly keep locked away.   


"You've got a boyfriend, you've got a boyfriend, you've got a boyfriend." My annoying little brother repeats over and over.

"Shut it twerp, shouldn't you be doing homework?" I groan from under my quilt thinking ‘he's 14 not 4 years old'...

"Make me, c'mon mum said you're taking me to Ash's gramps place today anyway." My quilt is pulled from my grasp and next thing you know my little bro comes bouncing on my bed.

"Okay, okay." I shout.

"Say it, say it!" He says knowing that I will; I look into his eyes seeing the achievement. "Go on Big sis."

I sigh rolling my eyes and a smirk forming as I say. "Riley light blue 1, Riley dark blue 0. Now let me get dressed." But just as he opens his mouth a voice from downstairs screams his name.

"JASON! You get down here right now, you little good for nothing." He cringes slowly jumping off my bed and heading towards the door muttering. "I haven't done anything." My heart clenches and goes out for him as he faces hell in the morning.


I slam my breaks, on as a boy about 13 rushes past me riding his bike. I'm too dazed to lean out the window and shout at him. Instead in beep my horn and carry on smiling as the kid acted a little bit like Ash would at that age.


"What have I told you about skipping class? Don't you think that your gramps have enough to deal with? And what's this I here about you selling sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks by the bike sheds? Seriously Ash, your 13 and and well...." I ran out of words as I pace around his room, Ash sitting on the floor leaning against the wall and a blank paper book at his side eyes closed. I look down at him almost feeling guilty for giving him such a hard time.

"I always attend my business classes and maths; I'm just doing the practical side to my homework." He looks up at me, his black hair falling into his deep green eyes. I sighed thinking someday he's really gonna be a looker when he's older.

"What's with the blank paper book? Trying to work out your gross profit?" I joke sitting besides him.

"No I'm working on something, but..." He squeezes his eyes shut, his fist clenched and his body tensing up with frustration.  

"Hey. It will get better little cuz, that pain will ease, your find your way back to the things that you love."

"I can't feel anything anymore. I don't like being like this. Hollow." He shakes his head.

"Stop, okay stop. I know that you can do this. You will find your way back. I promise." I wrap my arms around him, sending him my strength and love.


 The sun was hiding behind the tower blocks when I pulled up outside the block of flats where I live. I looked on the dashboard seeing the time 5:34 pm, waiting for it to change to 5:35pm and a small smile creeping over my lips when it does change.


Just as I finish running my lip-gloss over my pouting lips, when I heard the car pulls up by my window. My dark blue eyes catch the time reading 5:34pm.

"Damn it why does he have to be early?" I say myself in the mirror running my hands down the strapless deep blue dress stopping when it ends at my knee.

"You're not going out in that." Snaps a voice from my door. I turn narrowing my eyes at my ‘loveable' mother. 

"Like you can really see what I'm wearing with your drunken eyes." I take my clutch bag and turn my light off.

"Don't talk to me like that madam." She blocks my way, her boozy breath swirling between us.

"Or what? Your hit me again?" I shot back at her seeing her eyebrows rise, knowing that look in her eyes when I cross the line. "Like I care." Pushing past her.

"I really wish that your father took you with him when he left." She replied.

"Well." I turn back to her my face harder then ever. "I wish that he did".

I could see how much my words hurt her, but I didn't care I knew what I wanted and now I was going to get it.

"If you turn your back on me, on your brother, then you're never set foot in this house again."

After a moment thought and I had my answer. "Guess I can't come a collect my stuff later tonight?" I shrug and turn my back on her slamming the door shut on my life.

"Can we just drive?" I call to him.

"Race-ya usual place?" He nods but not before scanning his eyes over my appearance.

"Race away from our past, our present and race forward into our future." I say, seeing that the clock has race forward on the dashboard of my red Mustang saying that it's 5:58.

"Wait, Eve. Are you sure about this? It's going to be hard and everything. Do you even know where we're going after-

"1 minute. And the hard part is turning the key and driving away from my life." I reply.

"30 seconds."

"20 seconds classy girl, think we should drive in your car and sell mine."

"15 seconds. No way am I parting with this car."

"10 seconds."

"8 get ready."

"5, 4, 3..."

"Runaway Riley dark blue." I smile over at my boyfriend/driving buddy/ soul mate.


After climbing the stairs to the top floor I notice then how quite it is. No traffic noises or other people's tellies/ music playing and no loud voices coming from closed doors. Strange. But yet I could sense others here, but it was foggy. Again strange.  Carefully and slowly I make my way to my flat door. I refuse to be scared as I put the key in the lock. I push the door open scanning the hallway that leads into the main room of the studio flat.

Everything was the same as I left it. Clean and tidy I couldn't stand things in a mess. My eyes even see the lily picture that Ash drew for me, I'll wrote to him after I left always leaving my trade mark. Guess it helped him to finally draw something.

"Evelyn." I jump hearing my name being called. I know who it is, the heat and pain rises to my right hip.

"Hmm, I loved that line that you used earlier against Ash, ‘Jealous? No. I don't want to be you, having Robert power of command over me, his mark.' Yet you do, well not my great, great, great, great, great....uncle Robert's but mine." His voice is silky but has a dark edge to it. Something that was never there before.

"What are you doing here?" I say through gritted teeth my hand pressed against my hip and still not facing his eyes.

"Can't believe that I hated what Robert done to me and believe me I was kinda pissed at the time. Also not seeing you. But well that's in the past, what was it you said that night at 5:58...ah that's it." I could hear him coming behind me; his lightly tanned hand now turned ghostly white snaking around my waist.

"What are you going to do...ahh." I gasp feeling the pain increase on my right hip wear his cool hand is.

 "Race away from our past, our present and race forward into our future." He whispers in my ear. "You can't run from this Eve." His lips trace my neck; his breath which was warm and sweet was now cold and icy. I can't help but whimper hating myself for it.

"Wish I could taste you, you smell soo good and take your energy so I can kill your friends."

"Please, not them. Not Ash. Please." I beg even though it's useless.

In the corner of my eye I seeing him take a knife, recognising that I used that knife this morning to cut the bread.

"Callum, why did they take you away from me? You knew what you were that night that we met, do you remember that night? Lying on our cars?"

"Eve, I marked you as my own. You should be grateful that it's me releasing you." Callum flips me over and this time I fight back. So we fight. Crashing into everything, glass breaks and things fall off shelves. All the time his scar on my hip burning with pure pain.

I can feel my hip start to bleed and I stumble onto the floor. Only this time I let Callum drag me up. His lips kissed my forehead like they used to, but leaving me cold instead of warm.



The End

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