Evelyn Marie O'Riley: If car's could talk.Mature

Evelyn Marie O'Riley

‘I will make your life a living hell',  I smiled at her words as I made my way downstairs, like how many time had I heard those words in my life? I shook my head, I couldn't see anyone around, and so I closed my eyes and focused on my senses. I could feel my power come to me and then I knew where everyone was.

 Mike was in one of the bedrooms, and Billie the girl who had just ‘warned/threatened' me was also in one of the bedrooms, Leon and Ash where somewhere outside, I didn't press it too much, Ash would want to be alone now and I knew what he was like. After walking into the living room my deep blue eyes scanned the room and found Chase sprawled out on the chair his feet dangling over the armrest. Chase was cute. But I couldn't feel anything for him, not now not after what they done. My punishment.

Whoever this Sarah was, I couldn't find but could get a rough idea of where she was, somewhere outside, Billie must have something to do with that. Ash never mentioned what powers the others had, but after watching Billie closely I could see that she was hiding something, they all were. Every one of them had secrets, hell we all did.

I sighed looking round seeing that the clock read 5:06pm, we were wasting time in finding Jade and they needed my help before they found out where I was. If they didn't already. An idea came to my head, but it would mean having to go back to my flat and then coming back here to tell the others. Weighing up the options I decide to go home but leaving them a note. I walked into the kitchen-the window still smashed outwards and found a pad of paper and a pen taking it into the hallway writing as I walked;

‘Be back at 6:15pm, Ash you know me I will probably be back at 6:00pm *wink*. Just had to pop back to my flat, to get something to help you with Jade. See you little cousin, EM x'

I drew a tiny lily flower in the corner, leaving the note on a small table and closing the door behind me. I signed the note using personally, hoping that Ash would remember how I always wrote ‘EM' and drawing a tiny lily flower on the note. Lily's are my favourite type of flowers; Ash was one of a few people who that knew that.

My red Mustang was parked by the house and I slipped into the car and relaxed into the seat. I loved this car. We had been through a lot together and if cars could speak then this car would be selling it's own series of books. But the story wasn't just about me and the car, but someone else had been in the car too. In fact that person had been with the car from the beginning of my journey.


"Dammit!" I shouted hitting the sterling wheel of the car in frustration. "Why now? Why when I need you to work?" The road was dead and now I was regretting taking the back roads, with my car smoking away into the night. "Dam." It was getting dark, my phone had no signal and no-one knew where I was. Nice one Eve. This wasn't helping my temper, the reason I was in the car (speeding) was to clam myself down after yet another ‘family upset'-that was one word for it. My jaw was still throbbing.

Suddenly, a bright light shone in the review mirror and then the car slowed down. The car came to the side of me, the windows where all rolled down and the driver gazed into my car and smiled.

"Classic and a classy driver." The male driver looked a little older then me, maybe 17 or 18. His sandy blond hair was styled so some of it went across forehead but still looked neat. Lightly tanned skin, meaning that he must have spent some time out in the sun, but those eyes. Deep hazel brown eyes with long eye lashes.

"What? A woman driver broke down?" My voice was still filled with anger, but there was something about him and I wasn't sure what it was.

Amusement flickered in his eyes and he tired to keep his face straight as he spoke. "I didn't mean anything by it." He shrugged his shoulders. "But, by classic I meant the car, Mustang's are top cars...although sorry to see that yours doesn't look very well."

"Humph, well I don't want to keep you from where ever you are going so-

"I can't leave you and I might something about cars." He cut me off and opens the door to his black Ford. I jumped out of my car slamming the door and racing round to the bonnet. 

"Hey, I did I give you permission to touch the car?" I snapped glaring at him.

He raised his hands and took a few steps back. We didn't say anything; instead we just looked at each other. He was taller then me which wasn't surprising given my small petite size, he was lean but I could see  strong looking muscles under his white top and his blue jeans were fading a little on his knees. The guy lowered his hands and slipped them into his front pocket and went to lean against the bonnet of his own car looking up to the night sky.

I copied him but taking it a step further and lied down enjoying the late spring starry night.

"You know your thumb the same size as the moon." The guy suddenly said out of the blow.

"Thumbs up to the night then?" I rolled my eyes turning my head to see the guy was also lying on his car.

"Indeed." Again are eyes met analyzing each other.

"You're a classy driver, which was what I meant before." He said after the silence fell between us.

"That a dig at me for breaking down or something, using the back roads to take away my anger and..." I stopped mid sentence, if the guy knew then he didn't let on and I was glad.

He turned back to looking in the sky. "You're a classy girl, I can tell."

"Then what are you? My knight in shining armor?" I asked closing my eyes, but felt arms around my waist lifting me up. I flinched at first opening my eyes to see the guy looking down at me, more closing at my jaw.

"For as long as your have me, my classy girl." My heart was beating rapidly, my breathing had pretty much stopped and my body felt alive for the first time in my life.

"I'll let you save me this once, hazel eyes." We both smiled closing our eyes as our lips met under the full moon of the starry night.         

The End

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