Frazz, You And Me Have Got A Plan!Mature

Billie Jayson.

My right arm is still clutching my invisable bag while I'm
biting down on my nails. My eyes are sweeping around
everywhere, a uneasy feeling in my stomache starting to grow
every second.

Mike is in his room now, sleeping. There was nowhere else to
put him and it should be safe up there as I really dout Drake
would come back here any time soon, he's too smart for that.

But he's not too smart for coming here. He must of known about
the wolves from their scent and nearly every vampire knows
something or other about Ash.

I start to chew on another nail, my mind traveling to one
conclusion to another about all this.

"Everything is linked Billie. Rememeber that." The voice of
an old friend sounds in my head.

Linked? Linked how? That was the question I asked then and I'm
getting the same answer as I did then. None.

I shiver suddenly, sitting up straight quicker than a bolt of

My scenses are sharpened but I still can't put my finger on
the problem. I hold my bag in a tighter grip, never relaxing
as terror travels through my veins.


At the sound of her voice I jump to my feet, in a fighting
pose. Strange how I'm becoming used to doing this even though
I hardly ever get to be the hero and kick someones arse.

"Wow, easy there tiger. I come in peace." The blonde girl,
Eve I think her name is, smile at me but I can see her
questioning eyes linger on my hands that she can't she what
I'm clutching.

I stand up straight, not saying anything.

"Thanks for stepping in when Ash..."

"Forget it because I won't be doing it again." I spit, my
voice harsh and my eyes flying daggers at her shocked face.

I walk past her, bumping her shoulder as I go. She grabs me
and pulls me back, looking both confused and pissed off.

"What the hell did I do that makes you hate me?!" Eve hisses.

I shake my shoulder free from her grasp. "You were a proper
bitch to Ash and if I ever hear you talking to him like that
again, it'll be the last thing you ever do Blondie!"

"I can talk to him however I like, he's family!"

"Then treat him like it! I don't care if his parents showed
their love to him by making him spoilt and neiother should
you! So far, we've all had pretty crappy lives but they're
all different so if you what to yell at someone here then
have a go at me!" I yell, my face emotionless but my eyes
a livid yellow that I know is making her uneasy.

"What are you, his girl?"  Eves face is just as emotionless,
she's not giving anything away.

I take a step closer, trying to look more threatening as I get
closer to her face. "No I'm not. But I'm the best friend of
his girl and if someone messes with him they mess with her and
that means they mess with me!"

"What?" Eve asks after a while of thinking what I said through.
"You do realise that you really didn't make sence just then?"
She starts to giggle and I roll my eyes.

Soon, I start to smile and shake my head.

"Okay, I guess I didn't but really. Don't mess with Ash, he's
my friend and so is his girl, if you do do something like
that again I will make your life a living hell. Just ask the
wolves where their special Sarah is." I nod to her and walk
away before she can say anything more about the matter.

Hmm, I wonder where Sarah is now? Oh well, as long as she's
not near me or my friends, I'm happy.

I click my tounge loudly and Frazz flies through the air, crying out
before landing on my shoulder. I hang my backpack over my other arm.

I stroke his feathers, missing my best friend all over again.

Oh Jade, where are you?!

"Hey Frazz, you going to tell me why you're here and not with
Jade?" I sigh deeply wishing she was here now while it's
going all crazy. Well, more crazy than it was when she was
here with us.

I smile sadly at Frazz. "Come on boy. We've got to get all
this lot back on their fett. Ready for it?" Frazz flaps his
fiery wings and calls loudly with excitment.

"Good on you! I've got a plan and it involves Jade!" I smile
as I run for Ash, best to get him first.

The End

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