Never turn your back on a wolf.Mature

Ash River

I watched Billie jump from the window graceful even; she was hiding something from me I could literally smell it coming off her. Not wanting to be out done by her, I leapt out myself copying her graceful movement which was surprising given my height and ran after Billie. The scene had change-only slightly. The grey wolf was still here squaring it off with Leon in his dark brown wolf form, growls filled the air and then the grey wolf caught sight of Chase-now in his slivery grey form and lung at him.

I had to give Chase some credit, he may be new to the pack and everything but wow could be move. Jaws snapped, crawls ripped and blood was split from both wolves. Eve was staring at the wolves something in her eyes told me that she wanted to help. Then her prose changed.

"Eve don't..." But my warning voice didn't reach her as she leapt into the fight herself. Quickly I glanced round accessing the situation, Mike was down, something was wrong with Billie, Leon was also injured and a rogue wolf was attacking Chase and my cousin.

Sighing deeply I knew where this was going, so not wanting to feel left out on a good fight I ran in knocking the grey wolf off Chase. He growled seeing another comparator.

"What's up scrappy doo?" I sarcastically asked the grey wolf.

"Ash. What are you doing?" Eve asked.

"Go and play in someone else garden would ya?" Ignoring Eve and focusing on the trees behind the wolf.  

The wolf snapped its jaws showing its sharp yellowy teeth...essh at listed Leon's pack own a toothbrush.

In the corner of my eye I saw Leon change into his human form clutching his chest. I could feel Chase's warm breath behind me hearing his panting.

"Change." I ordered glaring at the wolf. "Change or I'll make you change."  I go could feel my power running through my veins, the sky darkened and the wind pick up blowing leaves all round me.

The wolf took an uneasily look round sensing the power in the air. But it still didn't stop it lunging towards me...only he didn't get very far. Making my hands into a globe like shape, I flustered the power that was burning inside of me aiming for the wolf. The wolf fell back in the air where the branches wrapped themselves around the wolf's body. He struggled and growled but eventually he stopped knowing that he didn't have any other choice. And turned back into a human.

"Let me go!" He shouted.

"Who are you?" I asked. The man had dark brown eyes, thick black hair and tanned skin.

"Let me go!" He repeated.

"Just answer us and and..." Eve tailed off standing next to me.

"And what pretty girl what you gonna do, runaway again?" The wolf glared at Eve. Chase crouched in front of Eve in a threatening way. "Easy pup, the name Drake."

"Ok Drake, like to explain why I'm having to think about getting a new kitchen?"

"I'm after the llançador de plata." Drake said as a matter of frank. I started at him speechless for a moment. "Don't you know?"

"What?" I gasped looking round at the others, they had the same unknown look on there faces. O'great.  

"You have it so don't play games with me vampy boy."

"Watch it." I barked back feeling something in my throat.

"Calm down Ash." Eve warned.

"You're joking right? Me calm down, you jumped right into the fight a wolf fight of all things."

"Like you haven't been in any fights in your life, fact you start most of them." Eve replied hands on her hips giving me the evil eye.

"At listed I don't runaway from them! What happened to you? You always stood your ground, for Christ sake you're older then Jason, you taught him how to fight!" My anger flared up toward Eve and I didn't know why.

"How dare you!" She snapped back.     

"How could you turn your back on everything?!"

"I didn't have a choice Ash, not everyone had the happy childhood."

"And you think I did? You don't know half of what I went through, what I lost, what I had to give don't understand anything!" I shouted back not caring about anyone hearing us.

"You're the little rich boy that everyone loved, the gifted child."

"I can't blame my parents for giving me their gifts Eve, are you jealous?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Jealous? No. I don't want to be you, having Robert power of command over me, his mark."    

 I stepped towards her clenching my fist when Billie was face-to-face with me. "Stay out of this."

"It may escape your notice but Drake gone, thanks the two of you." Billie said. I turned back round and growled seeing that the tree branches were not bare.

"Nice one vamp boy." Leon snidely comments errant him an evil glare.


"So that's about it." I finished telling my parents everything of course I didn't get any reply. The red roses had long wittered turning them black, it matched my mood. I hated this. Touching the scar on my neck I closed my eyes, I hated it soo much and I hated vampires. Anger spread through me and I started to starch Robert bite, it stung like hell and was making it worse.

"Your never be rid of that." Opening my eyes I saw Leon leaning against the tree.

I felt the blood on my neck and a sliver went up my spine. "Is there a way?" I said under my breath not expecting an answer.

"Killing Robert will weaken it, but another vampire could take his place." Leon replied in a low voice.      







The End

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