"That's impossible," I gasped. How could I be a vampire? If I was one of them then I would have a lust for blood beyond anything I could feel right now. Just because I had four pointed teeth does not mean I'm a leech. Raine was going mad.

"No, it's not. You never knew your parents, did you Jade? Well maybe now's your time to figure out who they were. Up till now, it had just been a legacy, one that remained untold to the last member of the Sapphire family. But it's true. It's been proven."

Raine stared at me with a look of shock and awe on his face. And at that moment, I knew what he was telling me was true but I didn't want to believe it; for the fact that I didn't deserve to go through all this crap.

"Jade...listen to me clearly. I don't have much time."

Raine took hold of my hand and brought me to sit down on my bed. He was going to tell me a that would reveal who runs in my blood and the truth behind my existence. Taking hold of my shoulders, his eyes looked deeply into mine as he took the plunge into the details of my past.

"Your mother was Arabella Green. Your father was  Jaden Sapphire. They were vampires and one of the most known Elders to have lived. Your mother had the ability to change from human form to vampire form. This ability had developed inside her when she'd gotten bitten. Your mother was a halfblood and this caused many of the Elders to hate her, even when she was part of the council. But your father was pure vampire. And when the council heard that she was pregnant and the father was Jaden, they sent them both into exile.

"For many who had secretly hated Arabella, this was a relief. But only afterwards was it a great loss to them. The heiress that was to be born would be of great power and useful for the ritual. But they could not find Arabella and Jaden. Your mother died while giving birth to you and your father was never found. Your existence was not known of by the Elders for the fact that you appeared human. But your vampire self was always within you.

"When you rescued Mike and the news of the death of one of the vampires had come, they knew only one powerful enough could have done such a thing. The Elders knew they had found you. And they're not gonna let you go till your theirs."

I stared at Raine in shock. That just sounded like a story from a fantasy book somewhere in a dusty old library. How was this possible? Me, the daughter of two vampires? That means...I was a bad guy! And now they wanted me for a ritual? What was this?

"What ritual are you tal-"

"Raine, I see you've collected Jade for us."

In the doorframe of my room were Raine's parents but they didn't look the same. Their eyes were red and their skin looked translucent, just like a vampires would. And...they had fangs.

"The Elders await. Let's not make them angry shall we?" His mother said, eyes flickering menacingly.

"No." Raine hissed and stood up in front of me, blocking the way between his parents and me.

"Don't interfere in this son," his father hissed back.

"Don't fucking call me your goddamn son. You and your pack of dogs go to hell. Jade's with me and you're not taking here anywhere."

Oh shit...why did i have a bad feeling about this?

The End

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