Hello Old Friend.Mature

Billie Jayson.

I nod and go to my window, open it and look

Down there, I can see Mike with some blonde girl and the
wolves I know. There is also another wolf and it doesn't look
like he just wants to have a nice chat.

"It'll be best for us to jump out of here. Not that far down."
I say, my voice calmer than I feel.

"Billie, what's up with your nose?" I can feel Ashs eyes on
me and I know I'm not helping calm his worries.

Another howl comes from below.

"Ladies first." I say then jump out of the window, somehow,
landing perfectly on my feet. Hmm, that's never happened
before, I normally fall on my face.

Ash lands next to me, still with curious eyes.

I run  over to the others, knowing Ash is right behind me, my
hand still to my nose. I see that Mike has collapsed, I guess
he still hasn't recovered.

I nod to the new girl who gives a smile, seems like she's
enjoying this.

The big, new, grey wolf launges forwards and wolf Chase is in
there like a flash!

The girl next to me crouches into a attack form, her fists clenched.

"Eve don't..." Ash starts but she runs in the middle of the fight and, with a deep sigh, so does Ash.

Great. So what am I spost to do now? I sigh and pick up Mike with great difficultly. I drag him away from the fight going on., I don't think he'll thank me if he wakes up with a wolf ripping off his arm.

We're now far enough away for us not to get harmed but so I know what's going on.

A cry comes from the sky and I instintly know who that belongs to. Frazz.

I hold out my arm and he lands there softly. I look into his black eyes and raise an eyebrow.

"I thought I told you to stay with Jade." I hiss as I stroke his feathers.

I know something is up with Frazz, he's got a strange look in his eyes.

"Frazz, what's happend to Jade?"

The End

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