Billie Jayson.

"Billie care to mention the little fact of Sarah disappearing
act?" Ashs voice travels through my door.

"Go away Ash!" I shout from my side of the door, not moving
out of my tight ball.
I can tell that Ash wants to talk but too bad Ash! You didn't
want to talk to me before so now I don't want to talk to you!
I expand my hearing anyway, wanting to know what's happening
outside of my room.

"Ahh Sarah!" I bite my bottom lip, sitting up against the
wall, worried. What has that Thing done now?

"Billie open up, I know you pissed but let me in." I hear him

I run my fingers through my hair, thinking. I want them to
that I'm not a push over but I also want to help. God, why is
everything so confusing?!!!

Well, at least, I'm not smokey anymore.

I run my hand over my invisable backpack, where the book is,
then place it on my back.

I can feel something change in the room but what I don't know.

A warm trickle travels from my nose towards my mouth as a
laugh, no louder than the wind itself, whispers in my ear. I
shiver, not really knowing why, as the strange feeling and
the laugh goes away.

I touch the bottom of my nose and feel the warm substance on my
fingers. Is that... blood? I take my fingers away from my
nose with shakey hands. That's...impossible!

Not only is it strange that I've got a nosebleed, but
it's not red. It's sliver!

I put my hand over my nose again, making sure no one
would see the strange silver blood. Another bang echoes through
the house as well as howls. Are they wolves?

"C-Come in." I stutter as I get to my feet on shakey legs.
The door opens quickly and Ash enters, looking tired and
holding his bloody wrist. What the hell is going on here?

"Billie, I know you're mad at me but why did you make Sarah
invisable?" I know Ash is taking this very seriously but I
can't help smiling.

"It was during the fight." I let out a little laugh which
sounds muffled thanks to the hand holding my nose. "I
warned her."

I look Ash in the eyes and see something is really bothering

"We need to get out of here, more wolves are here. The others
are outside."

The End

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