My head hurtsMature


"Kill this slut!"

"Even better let me kill her."

"Do you know who she is, because its not who you think it is." I finally recognized the voice as evil Mikes voice, and the fact he mentioned this kissing sensation wasn't who I think it is. I weakly push off and Mumble angrily. My vision still blurred, and my body sore, with and undertone of a complete drain of energy, I felt so different.

" Thank you that was annoying, next time you should kill her, and paint the walls with her blood. Then again that would be rather time consuming."

I shake my head, trying to make him go away, why is here?

" I thought I killed you. Why are you here?" I say, outloud weakly.

"Killed? Luaghable you simply temporarily stopped me from taking over. But you can never get rid of me, especially if your going to be using my power. Make sense softy?" He says jeeringly.

"Go away." I say with little emotion, I was to energyless to argue with him.

"Your no fun, whatever everything is boring right now anyways, there is no slut to colour the walls a crimson red with."

" I said go away you morbid bastard." I say still with no force behind my voice.  Evil mikes presence faded, but I could still feel it in the back of my head, as a cold headache. I slide off my bed my legs shaking under my wieght.

That fight really did a number on me, I tried to creat electricity but I only manage to to make a weak static shock which had no affect. I clench my fist, and punch the wall. I didn't have time to wait for my powers to come back, and recover from these wounds. I just didn't have the time to recover. Then a flash of the battle hits my head, and I remember  recovering from injuries quickly in battle, and those black and red markings that were climbing all over my body.  I look down at my chest to see an elegant red and black spot directly over my hear. It had an intricate design of arrows,all twisting and turning around eachother, and all stopping around the border of the mark pointing outwards.

I also remembered what set it off, the word sprites. What where they? And did that book that Billy has , I wonder if it would hold any information on them. I shaked my head, I needed to talk to billy, but when I glanced down the hall her closed door, gave off a feeling she was pissed. I had no energy right now to deal with a pissed Billy.  I manage to walk down the stairs in a painfully slow fashion, my head pounding and hurting for no reason now.  Should I tell anyone about the mark?No they might get worried about me or something, and its not like i'm already half gimped. That Morpher dude better be six feet under, dead as a roadkilled skunk.

I finally get downstairs, and say a brief hello to Ash, and then out of the blue  a fight broke into the house forcing us outside, the fight was raging on, and Ash had suddenly disapeared. Chase was protecting Ash's cousin, man the guy is the male version of Sarah, I swear.  The fight broke out onto the yard, and escilated as a large pack of wolves showed up.   Surround chase, and I and leon's wolf form. 

"Chase, transform,  we'll have a better chance." I command, holding my head, my vision blurring the headache suddenly amassing strength. Why now, I'm already hugely defenceless?  The marking burned on my chest, and grew a bit before I passed out.

The End

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