That's Just Crazy!Mature

Jade Sapphire

The silence that lasted in my room wasn't for long before a startling bang was heard as the room to my door opened and a not-very-pleasent-looking-Raine walked in. Frazzle flew away from my arms and stood protectively in front of me, blocking the space between me and Raine. I never noticed how big he was but now I did.

Raine's brown eyes flickered from the bird and over to me again before staying put in his place and glaring at me - knowing that if he took one step closer, he just might be doing the wrong thing.

"Get out of my house." I hissed, sending death glares over at him.

"Jade, we need to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about so stop wasting my time and leave me alone."

Frazzle gave a shrill cry as if to agree with me. Staring deep into Frazzle's eyes, Raine muttered a few words in what sounded like a totally different language. Frazzle's eyes didn't change their fierce tone but he backed away, flew up to my shoulder and gave me a soft nip on my cheek and then flew out the window. What the I'm alone with the creep.

With every step Raine took toward me, I took one back. He looked almost menacing and I didn't want this to end the same way it did back in the forest.

"Jade," he said softly. I flinched at the sound of my name and collided with the wall. No escape, except for the window. But no way was I jumping out now. Who knew what other terrors would be waiting for me in the outside world.

"You need to listen, you've got it messed up. I'm not the bad guy."

"And what proof do you have for that?"

He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "I didn't have a choice to become one parents changed me when I was 10 years old. I was a child. And I didn't know anything about the world except simple arithmetic and crayons and soccer. They aren't even my parents...they picked me up from an orphanage. I never knew who my real parents were."

I looked away from his figure, trying to figure out whether I should believe this yarn or not. Maybe he's just trying to decieve me to get me back on his side. Or he's just being honest.

"I'm saying the truth...believe it."

"What do you want me to do now?" I asked him, the tears starting to come again. "I've become a monster now too; just like you."

Realization spread across his face and he stepped toward me, gripping my shoulders.

"Show me."

I opened my mouth and he stared at the new fangs in place. Stepping back and looking a little dazed, he muttered, "So it's true."

"What is?" I asked in confusion.

Directing his gaze back to me, he whispered, " didn't just become a vampire right now. You always were."

The End

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