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Ash River

"Well that doesn't sound like Jade." Leon murmured besides me I shot him a glance warning him.

"Ash please, you've gotta help me." Again those light blue electric eyes begged me.

"Fine." I opened the door and let my cousin inside. Everyone stared at each other taking everything in, I wonder where Billie was, I really needed to talk to her and she needed me I was letting her down. It still felt weird caring for other people, it was risky and a liability.

Chase appeared, feeling the tension between everyone his glaze lingered on my cousin. "You look hungry, fancy something to eat Blondie?"

"Only if I can have it on a plate other then in a bowl." The witty comment made Chase smile a sweet cocky smile that I recognised as my own.

"Sure thing sweet lips." The two of them walked off to the kitchen leaving a very stunned Leon.

"Who the hell is that?" He gasped.

"That would be my older cousin Eve." I replied and joined the others in the kitchen.         

I just took the cap of the bottle of bear when something pushed me hard against the wall. Dropping the bear making the bottle slather into tiny sharp pieces, the grip was tight then the coolness around my lips made me go weak. It was a kiss a familiar kiss at that.

"Sarah?" I breathed between her lips against mine. It stopped but only for a moment. "What the? Wait did Billie?" Then she was gone again.

"Ash erm what are you doing?" Eve asked looking closely at me a little too close.

"Not like you to drop beer vamp boy." Leon commented.

"Hi." Mike slowly enters the room his voice chocked.

"This is Eve my older cousin." I say nodding to Eve who was happy sitting next to Chase. 

"Ouch." I hear someone faintly whisper I looked round to see blood by the glass bottle. I hoped that it wasn't Billie.

"Have you seen Sarah by the way?" Leon asked after biting into an apple, I wasn't listening. All my attention focus was on the dripping blood.

"Ash?" Chase voice came in my head, my scar started to burn slightly making me irritable. I didn't like this.

Before I could try and answer, I'm swelled off me feet feeling the vibrations through the house.

"What was th-

Eve was cut off by another bang and then someone crashing through the kitchen window, knocking everyone to the ground. The wolves growled and got ready to spin at any moment. The intruder that had come in shot up and changed into another form. Slightly my mind thought that's all we need another flaming mutt around the place. The man now turned wolf stood on all fours, its silvery grey fur covered its muscular body and black eyes scanned the room.

I looked at Leon who amazingly nodded and growled as he turned into his own dark brown wolf. All hell broke lose then. Leon and the silvery grey wolf lunged for each other, Chase grabbed Eve and made a dash for the hallway door and I ran to Mike who was already running out the door. I looked back seeing that the wolves had taken whatever it was outside.  

"Who is it?" Mike gasped Chase as we watched through the windows.

"I don't know, maybe some lone wolf who tracked down our trail, we could be on their turf. Are you ok?" Chase asked Eve who was nestled safely in his arms.

"Wolf fights nothing really, I've seen worse." I could tell in her voice that there was more to that sentence but now wasn't the time. My eyes scanned the room sensing someone else in the room, then I seen blood on the carpet.

"Sarah?" I said under my breath. Billie! The others were busy watching the fight to notice me grab thin air and hull it up to Billie room.

"Billie care to mention the little fact of Sara disappearing act?" I sweetly said.

"Go away Ash!" Billie shouts from the other side of the door. Sarah tugged but my grip was strong on her arm. Until... "Ahh Sarah!" I brought my now scratched right wrist to my chest, watching the three lines of blood escape like a dripping tap. 

"Billie open up, I know you pissed but let me in." I sighed resting my head against the door frame. Where was Jade?

The End

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