Oh, I'm Not Annoyed At All!Mature

Billie Jayson.

"Ash, I feel so much better now. Thanks for the talk." I mutter
under my breath as Ash shoots off in a flash.

I sigh deeply then go back into the room where Mike lays.

I kneel by his bed, he's half asleep now. "What did you do Mike?"
I ask in a tone above a whisper. I smile a little, this is what
I used to be like.

I stroke Mikes hair lightly, feeling relaxed for the first time
in ages.

Suddenly white anger fills me. I'm livid. What's happening? Urgh!
This is so annoying! I can't be going angry because of the book,
I only looked at it, I didn't have time to read anything aloud.

Stupid Ash! His fault! I know he's only acting like this because
Jade is... Jade! I can feel my blood boil as I think about her.
It's her fault! If she hadn't meant these wolves... the wolves!
Their fault just beacuse of the vamps... the vampires! There
fault! But I was the one who got involved with all of them!

My fault? Yes it is... no! That's not fair! It's not my fault!

But whose fault is it?

Anger boils through me again, making me shiver with rage. I pull
my hands to my head as it mentally screams inside my skull.

I fall to the floor, worn out.

What's going on with me? Why do I act like this all the time?

I sit up, my head spinning, looking down at my legs.


Oh for God's sake!

I jump to my feet, anger washing over me once again.

My eyes fall on the sleeping Mike and I feel something stirr
inside of me. Water starts coming to my eyes, my legs buckle
from underneath me.


I move my hand towards him, my fingertips inches away from his
messy brown hair, then tear my hand away quickly.

"Mike. I'm going to find out what's going on. And Mike. I. I. I
lov..." I stop, tears spilling down my smoking face as a loud
smash comes from behind me.

I quickly turn around, my eyes locked onto the light blue
outline figure of Sarah. Invisable Sarah. Invisable Sarah with
her evil smile on her face.

This means.. no! Damn! She's made out that she can touch stuff
and move things around and no one will notice it's her!

My eyes flick to Mike who is now wide awake, searching the room
with his own eyes. Oh Mike I'm so sorry that your sleep has been
ruined by her!

"Billie?" Mikes voice is rough and not only because it hurts
for him to talk. His voice sounds just like anger. Anger at me?

All anger melts out of me like a lonely lolipop out on a sunny

I open my mouth to answer him, to sooth him in anyway, to find
out what's making him angry and in pain but Sarah pushes past me
so she's right in front of Mike.

He can sence that someone's there, that much I can tell even if
I can't read his face.

She kisses his shocked lips. It feels like someone has taken a
massive icicle and stabbed it through my heart as it breaks into
tiny little pieces.

She stops kisses him and moves back far enough to stick out her
invisable tounge at me. I know she can't see my reaction thanks
to the smoke but she can tell her actions are having the same
effect over me as she intended.

Before Mike could react to her kiss she's all over him again!

I can feel the tears in my eyes start to spill over and fall
down my face. I run out of the room and into my own room.

Great, now he's going to think that I'm in there snogging
him! And that's so not fair! Not fair for him or me! Poor Mike.
He's injured and probably now confused! There is also another

That tone of Mikes voice, well, I don't like it. It just doesn't
sound like him. Not at all.

I shake my head as more hot tears fall.

Something is up with Mike and I won't be able to be the one who
can help him through it! Not when that slut, that thing is near

Jade is still missing and Frazz is too because I told him to go.

And Ash... well, Ash doesn't care. He's too busy with everything
to worry about me.

There is the werewolves of course but I don't want to talk to
them. Not even Chase could cheer me up now.

I sit down on my bed right next to the open book. I touch the
page where I was last reading and the book quickly turns into
the same blue outlines of the things like those I turn

A sad smile appears on my face as I put it in my invisable

Suddenly, there's a loud bang from outside and a lot of
angry voices. What's happening?

I grip my bag tighter as I curl into a tight ball with my eyes
closed. Whatever is happening I'm sure that Ash, the wolves,
and the two locked-lipped-lovers in the other room can deal
with it all by themselves!

The room shakes as another bang erupts through the house. I
block it all out, thinking about the book. I can now remember
everything that's inside in perfect order.

Another thuderous bang shakes the room again but I only
close my eyes tighter, my mind thinking all about the book.

The End

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