Ash:O'Riley's blue eyes runs in the family.Mature

Ash River      

"Nice one Eve, I'll take it from here." Jason said to his older sister like he controlled her. Eve still had her stiff arms locked around me; I turned to look at her seeing fear in her deep blue eyes.

"I didn't know. Ash I swear. Please you gotta believe me." Eve whispered frantically in my ear. What was going on?

"Eve let go of the kid. Now." Jason commanded and Eve obeyed dropping her arms and stepping back.

‘I didn't know'. Eve mouthed to me.

"You can drop the act Eve, your power tracking for god sake. Get in the car; I want to catch up with our cousin." Jason braked never breaking his light blue glaze from my eyes. Eve hesitant to move her small slim body, Jason always looked older then she did and at this moment in time he loomed over her with power.

Eve had power? Tracking? Since when did she have that? Eve slowly started walking backwards out the ally.

"Ash." Jason nodded.

"Jason." My voice chipped and sharp. "What's the deal with Eve?"

"I found her hiding spot after all these years, pleased to say that the vampires like her quite a lot, makes it easier to find their prey if they don't want the chase." Jason informed me. Eve was involved with the vampires? By choice or by force? But even I could work that answer out, Jason could see me working it out and smiled slightly.

"You remembered when she suddenly left home at 16? Well turns out she ran off with this lad, and somewhere along the way she found her power. Tricky    little thing managed to stay off radar for a while." Jason smile grow. "But you can't hide forever."

"What do you want; you haven't yet told me why you're here." Something kept niggling at the back of my mind, something was wrong.

"Where's Jade?" He suddenly asked taking me off guard.

"Where ya think?"

"Don't play games with me Ash; just tell me where she is."

"I'm not playing any games, why?"

"You don't know, well this is a classic." The look of surprise crossed his eyes.

I sighed. "Look Jason what the hell are you going on about?"

"Hmm should I tell him or not?" He amused his fingers rubbing his chin.

"I'm warning you." Anger filled my voice as I changed my poster for the fight that was threatening to burst any moment.

"Easy boy, all they want is Jade seems they have something in line for her, they still after that Billie too and you of course Robert always wants you."

"And Mike?" I asked.

"No. They've got something different in mind for him, already at work apparently."

"Is that it messenger boy?" I smirked.

"Just get the girl Ash." Jason said turning away from me-bad move. I ran and tackled him to the ground.

"Or what?"

"I'm sure Robert will enjoy watching you kill your friends after he changes you into a vampire...and this time he will succeed." Jason flipped me and ran off leaving me stunned.


"What the hell?" I slammed the breaks on the Porsche staring at the lightening show. "Well found Mike." I muttered under my breath as I accelerated down the street were the crowed was gathered. "The kid certainly has style I'll give him that." I zoomed the Porsche through the crowed and drove to the edge of the burnt out crater- of all things.

Mike was lying in the middle and orange yellowy grow lit up his body, I rolled the window down leaning out. "Mike have you finished playing superhero, only your adoring fans want your autograph in other words, GET UP!"

Finally Mike stirred, the glow disappeared and slowly he moved his head. "Ugh."

"Nice to see you to mate, wanna hand?" I offered holding my hand out. Mike just looked at me questions filled his face and not bothering to wait for Mike, I climbed out the car and helped him up keeping his arm around my shoulder.

"Sir, let me take a lot a him." I turned to see a female paramedic looking at Mike.

"I'll rather you check me out sweetheart." I smiled my cocky smile.

"Are you injured sir?" She asked looking at my ruffled black leather jacket, black shirt, jeans and boots.

"No. Just the thought of your hand all over my b-

"Asssssssh." Mike moaned eyes half closing.

"Must dash." I carefully put Mike on the back sit and closed the door and drove off home like any normal day.


"Hello?" I call out as I open the door still supporting Mike. "Is anyone there?"

"Ash River!" Billie voice rung in my ears I heard her stomp down the stairs still shouting. "Don't you ever, ever I repeat do that to me again! Where the hell was you, it better be good because..." Her blazing yellow eyes finally took in the full view of me and Mike. "O'my god Mike, what happened?"

"Let's just get him on a bed; he's healing but weak being using his power a lot." Chase came to the other side of Mike and together we lay his body down on the bed.

"Ash I need to speak to you." Billie said looking down at Mike.

"Sure come this way." I walked out the room into my parent's room, finding my sketching book that I used a few nights ago.

"What are you looking for?" Billie stood in the doorway.

"Wanted to ask you something, have you seen these symbols in that book. I couldn't stop drawing them and there's got to be a connection." I shown her the drawings watching her eyes closely and seeing the recognition.

"Yes but what does it mean? And Ash I've got to tell you I-

Nature suddenly called to me and I focused my attention on it closing my eyes feeling for it. My eyes opened I was gone in a flash down the stairs waiting for the knock at the door.

"What's the drama vamp boy?" Leon annoying voice called from the kitchen doorway.

"Go fetch." I snapped my senses on full alert, the sound of light footsteps made there way to the door and slowly they knocked the door.

"Erm Ash?" Someone said.

Carefully I opened the door seeing those familiar blue eyes. "Track me down O'Riley?"

"Let me in River."

"No chance." I replied closing the door, until a foot stood in the way.

"I know where Jade is." They said with pleading eyes.

"I'm listening."

"She's in trouble."   




The End

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