Mike: Ground zeroMature


Since the strange marking and the red black aura had  come about the tides of the battles became more even as each hit that I took would quickly regenerate and my powers where 100 times more effective and 500 hundred more times if use the orange electricity. However I was trying to avoid using the orange because each time I used it I could hear voices and my mind slowly loosing itself.

"Come on boy! I don't have all day." The blood sucker says sending my two friends to flank me. I kick Jack, in the face and use a burst of electricity that sent Carl flying down the street leaving a huge electrified scar down the pavement.  I jump up above over the low skyline of building and barrage the vampire who called himself the Morpher with fury of attacks creating an electric storm of its own. He deflects each attack with ease as our momentum picks up as we get higher in the atmosphere.

"Don't you get it yet? I'm a god compared to you." He taunts his right fist changing into a ominous black with energy around us getting sucked into it. I grab his shoulders and launch myself above him. I don't know what he was planning to do but I was going to have to hit him with the orange electricity.  He turns around me his right arm now a blinding light. In both my hands a dense collected ball of orange forms also becoming a huge source of light, I could feel the pull of energy leaving my body as the markings grew further. I was pushing my extent of power but I had no other choice. The aura began to fade as it was the finishing touch this attack that I was about unleash.  Its  destructive power was burning my hand even while I was able quickly heal its power was to much for it, it was also attracting more power from the electric storm in the atmosphere. The more I let it sit the more powerful it got with each second.

I shoot forwards as the Morpher guy begin to punch our two attacks meeting directly. For a moment time slowed, and the noise of everything quieted as our two attacks  one trying to over come the other. I began to push as lightening strikes aided my vendetta against this vampire. His strength and control over his arm began to falter and he let the energy go. As his the energy was being released i quickly moved the concentrated ball of orange electricity over his chest,and released. I was instantly blinded and was sent backwards through the electrified orange air. With the remainder or my power I shield myself from the onslaught of destruction.


Below the battle people where being evacuated, the general public screaming in fear, as reporters and camera man film this never seen before event. Scientist arrive on the scene, as paramedics begin to tend to the injured. Police officers where roping off a large portion of the city where the battle was taking place, hoping that they location of the battle would not be changed suddenly. Each and everyone one of them saw the freak lightening storm begin to build up in one place. The air became still as the two assailants collided with each other and then a wave of heat and orange blinded and consumed them their scream muzzled by the massive sound that had emanated from the epicentre of destruction.  The whole entire city could see the orange light and at least half was enveloped in it. For a few seconds the city hear pure quietness until the shock wave came  destroying houses and from a distance blowing the windows out. The power went out as the light died down. Two plumes of smoke where thrown over the city, one being mike the other being the Morpher. Both very much alive but only just.


The End

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