They've Gone and I'm Smoking Again.Mature


"Ash, can I come in?" I ask softly after knocking on his door.

No reply. Screw that I'm still coming in!

"Look Ash, I know things aren't good at the moment and I know you are love sickened and all but I have a serious problem...." I burst through the door, starting to babble.

Wait a sec...

No one's here!

I scowl and storm out of Ashs room.

"Ash! Ash! You bloody better just be hiding right now!" I start to yell, storming into more rooms and still seeing no Ash. Great. First Jade goes, then Frazz (eventhough I told him to go), then Mike and now Ash!

I'm stuck in this stupid house with three werewolves! Okay, two werewolves and an invisable one. Ha! No one knows she's invisable, they think she's done a runner! Gutted! In your face Sarah!

I shake my head. No time to think about that boy-stealing, muttsmelling, ugly, fake, werewolf. Not when I've got a problem and everyone seems to of gone!

I go down stairs, taking two at a time, and walk into the recked living room.

Leon and Chase are sitting down playing a game of cards.

"Well, hello Billie. Had fun screaming the place down?" Leon asks. I scowl at him and shrug.

"Dunno. Had fun smelling the place down?" I snapped then sat myself down on the floor by the window.

"Billie, you seen Sarah? I haven't since the fight." Chase asks, the boyish grin still on his face.

A smile lights up my face, but not a nice one.

"Oh, I dunno. She could be anywhere by now. Or she could be right next to you and you wouldn't even know it." I struggle not to laugh as I see the blue outline of the invisable Sarah trying to get the guys attention.

Stupid girl. She shouldn't of started on me and my friends. She deserves this.

"What were you calling the vamp wannabe for?" Chase asks as he starts shufferling the cards again.

"He's not a vampire wannabe!"

"Okay, okay. Calm down girl." He laughs shaking his head.

"Need him to sort something out." I mutter, looking out of the window, wishing to see him walk past.

"What you need to sort out?" Chase starts dealing out the cards, trying to looking like he isn't interested but I can tell he is. They all are. Even the invisable flea-bag.

I continue to look out the window, ignoring them. I wrap my arms around my knees and pull them to my chest. It's been a while since I've felt this. I don't like this feeling. The feeling of being alone, being scared and being defenceless.

I sigh and close my eyes.

A yelp of surprise comes from Chase, making me jump and look around to see him and Leon on their feet looking pale.

"What?" I ask looking around, trying to see what they do.

"Y-Y-Your..." Chase begins but seems unable to continue.

"You've gone all smokey." Leon mutters in shock.

I look down at myself and sure enough, my body has turned into black smoke again. Joy.

"That what you wanted to talk to the vampire kid about?" Leon asks but I know he knows the answer.

I scowl at him then sigh and go back to my position of sitting by the window. I don't have it in me to fight anymore. It's like I'm becopming the girl I was before the whole vampire/werewolf thing. I'm becoming the girl always in trouble but can't do anything about it.

An image of some girls throwing stones at me enters my mind.

No. I don't want to be her again. I want to be me now, minus the moodswings and the smoke. I want to be the girl who has friends, the girl who can stand up for herself, not the girl that sits around and waits for my life to crumble even more.

I get to my feet and run to my room. I can hear the others coming behind me but I don't care at the moment.

I burst through my door and run to my invisable backpack is, the one with the book in. I get it out and start flicking through the pages. There must be something in here that stops this. There must be something that gets rid of theis smoke and my old personality.

As I start flicking to the center of the book, I can see the smoke leaving me, my body back. I smile softly but keep looking. There must be something in here! There must be!

The End

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