Chrysanthemum flowers- a burnt memoryMature

Ash River

I parked the Porsche in the quite street under the cover of the shadows, waiting for her to come out. It was early evening everybody was busy going home to their families, I should be with mine, and around the big family table you know the ones where everyone got odd chairs or the added side table at the end. Seeing people who you ever really see at important occasions.

It was the one of the things that I took for granted as a little kid. Having to dress in my best suit, best shiny black shoes and having lots of photos took. But it did have its bounces. Me and my cousins played games; hide and sneak, tag, basketball and even made mud pies when we we're really young.

But of course things don't stay the same.

I knew that they were close. I could sense them. The connection with nature helps. I sighed closing my eyes for a moment remembering the picture what I drew for there 13th wedding anniversary. It was a chrysanthemum flower; it marked the 13th year of their marriage, even at the age of 7 I could draw pretty well. I spent weeks sketching it out, writing in fancy writing and choosing the right colours to match. It felt like a dream other then a memory, seeing my parents faces as they opened the card.

Opening my eyes I remembered why I was here. When finally she came out the door, hugging her coat tightly around her in the coldness of the wind. I opened the door and stepped out watching her walk down the street head down. The wind whipped round her short blond hair, I started to follow her, waiting for an opportunity for an opening and there it was. The movement was quick and the flash of blue in her eyes locked mine then went out like a light.

She disappeared down a side alley; I hurried through the crowed and stood at the entrance to the alley.

"A little old for hide and sneak aren't we?" I called out to her knowing that she would hear me. Taking a few steps I looked round listening out for her. As I turned grabbed her arm and pushed her up against the brick wall. She struggled and then realising that I was stronger then her she stopped.

"Look who got all big and tough." A smile ran over her face and her thin brow rose on her left eye. "Long time River, must do this more often."

"Give it a rest O'Riley." I snapped putting my arm at either side of her.

"Don't talk to me like that River." She glared at me I glared back trying to hold my anger.

"You started it O'Riley." My lip tugged at the side threatening to blow everything up.

"No you started it River." I could see that she was struggling to keep it together herself. We both stared at each other, both of us too stubborn.

"Ok give."She said after a long silence and her lips broke into smile lighting up her face. "Shall we start again?"

"Eve you're looking well." I smiled.

"Not too bad your self Ash, good thing you my little cousin or else I'll be fighting the cue of girls just waiting to be with you." Eve replied I pulled her in for a hug. "So seen anything of your brother lately?" I asked casually in her ear.

Her arms stiffened behind me and her hand went in my black spicks. "My little brother Jason closer then you think."

"Family reunion hey Ash?" Jason voiced came from behind me, cold and full of evil happiness.  

The End

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