Mike: The ones that can't protect themselvesMature


"Well, this is new." Billy says.

"No shit." I say, the smoke like figure turns to me," You think you can turn back?"

"Nope guess I will have to sit through it or something."

" Hey maybe you can walk through walls?" I say.

" Oh that would be so cool, hang on."

A ring goes off in my pocket as a cell phone furiously vibrates in my pocket.

"Shit! Why must you be so loud are you trying to wake everyone up!" I curse at the cell phone before answering," Hey, you reached Mike."

"Mike." A familiar voice says weakly.


"M.ii..kke, help these..." The speaker explodes with screams of pain from my roommate. Instant anger and worry takes over as I drop the cell phone onto the bathroom floor. I hear the clacking of the plastic as I open the front door running home leaving electrified scars on the pavement. Those fanged bastards have just hit the wrong nerve.

fifteen minutes I see the front door of my apartment is leaning loosely off its hinges, the rest of the apartment bloodied and torn to shreds. My emotions boiling over like a neglected pot orange charges begin shooting down my arm. A killer instinct taking over.

"Come on you cowards, I know who you're after. Leave them alone I'm by far more entertaining."

"Oh is that so?Perhaps, but I've made things unusually entertaining." A smooth almost soothing voice, with a dark undertone seeps through the walls as a shadow collects itself on the ceiling. The shadow drops to the ground like water becoming a figure wearing a dark blue trench coat with red seams, and murderous red eyes.

"How so?" I say with a defiant tone the power inside of me wanting to rip this coward shadow manipulating shithead to ribbons.

"I took the liberty of turning you're own friends into vampires." He smiles with cruelty as the Jack and Carl round the corners their own blood still dripping from the puncture wounds. My jaw drops my killer instinct shrinking away to nothing.

"Not so tough now, I felt such power as you entered, but where has it gone. Are you scared, or have you lost hope in saving your friends?" This vampire continues away breaking me down. Its like he knew exactly what to say, or do. Its like he knew all about my personality.


"Do I know how to disarm you?" He cut's me off," Someone like you doesn't fight for yourself. No you fight for your friends, but what if I removed them and made them your enemies. Then you crumble."

" There not my only friends."

" Yet you struggle?"

It was true there was another part to this, but what is it?Jack moves and before I can respond his fist impacts my head sending through the closet door into stacks of shelving.  My head felt numb my brain still trying to configure reality, jack picks me up by the collar of my shirt. The cowardly vampire stands behind him, I focus on him.

" Who are you?" I say weakly.

"Who am I? You don't remember?I'm the next in line as an elder, and my title is the morpher!" He says pompously

"Full of yourself aren't ya?"  Jack slams me through the wall into the living room. 

"Still able to comp back with an insult. You're are persistent. I'll give you that."

This guy pissed me off, he walked around like he his untouchable and thinks he knows all of my weakness's. He also thinks I won't fight my own friends. Okay that is true but does he think he can make my friends fight me? I will hit him hard he must have them under mind control! I will beat his coward face in like its mud! A blue charge runs up my arm.  Jack lets go as his a shock ravages his nervous system.  Carl leaps forward as I dodge him heading to this coward. Blue electricity surrounds my hand as I release it across his chest a blind light exploding out incinerating the surrounding walls. I hear a deep laugh as the light burns out and the dust settles. Jacks body blackened and dying.

"You!" The words couldn't escape my mouth as violent emotions rise as so does the hopelessness does.

" They're more than just simple vampires they are my loyal servants they will do anything for me, even after my death they will do anything to bring me back or do my very last bidding, and they cannot die."  Jacks crispy body begins to move I jump back as his arms just brushes past my shirt. This guy wasn't just coward he was monster! The violent emotions striving control from over my fear , and hopelessness. I couldn't bear to hurt these to loveable morons even though they where trying to kill me. They were not themselves.

"Let them go!" I almost plead.

"Even if I wanted to I can't." He laughs.

"Bastard!" Energy begins to swirl around me as the blue gives off tinges of orange I charge forwards jumping over Carl, and kicking the zombie like Jack.

"Your Finished!" I yell releasing to deadly bursts over this guy. I smile knowing I had just beat this creep. So I thought. The force of the bolts send me flying through the 10 floors of the apartment building and through the night sky. My room mates and the vampire following my free fall through the sky. The cowardly bastard smiling as his figure changes. What is his power? Is he more than a vampire?

"You continue to insist you can take me one on one when you can't even contend with your own peers. tisk tisk. Learn some manners boy or you will die." He back flips and he axe kicks me down to the ground. The Impact shatters the concrete. Cracks running down the street as my ribs break and blood shoots out of my mouth with the air pouring from my lungs. my body bounces a few times as Jack and Carl both kick me again more bones in my body shatter. The pain nearly blacking everything out each breath laboured so much I barely manage to say.

"What do you want?"

Laughter ensues.

"What do I want? I want you out of the way. Out of the way of the elders grand scheme. I also before removing you from this bloody stage I want to know where the 8 sprites are."

"What?" I ask.

"Don't play stupid boy. In time you will tell me. You will tell me where the sprites are!"

The word sprites brings a horrible storm through my body as he says it again a hurricane of pain starts from my chest slowly crawling through my skin like veins going though my arms and reaching down my legs. Then the pain stops as a warmth takes over. The pain in my body slowly disappearing my sight begins to clear. The vampire now standing directly above my head.

"Ah the mark awakens your still fighting even though you already have one foot in the grave."

" I'm can't die." I grit my teeth as my hand wraps around his neck. An orange tendril of electricity wrapping around my arm as a power I can't describe begins to give black aura surrounded by red surrounds my body.

The End

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