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(A/N: A longer chapter then the usual I write for EN. Much more action. Hope you all enjoy! :-)



Jade Sapphire


I woke up at around nine in the morning, having only had five hours of sleep. My head throbbed and my body ached. It was almost as if I was physically exhausted which was impossible since I hadn’t done anything…’reckless’ the past couple of days.

With a sigh, I grabbed my bag of toiletries, took a quick shower, and headed downstairs to see if anyone was awake. Apparently, this family weren’t morning birds. Pinned on the door of the Mr. and Mrs. What’s-their-names-again bedroom was a sign saying ‘Do Not Disturb, Busy With Work’. I found that kind of weird since this is after all, kind of their own house now. Besides, that sign gave me the wrong pictures in my head.

Shuddering, I headed toward the kitchen, passing the snoring figure of Raine who was in a deep sleep on the couch. After grabbing a quick bite out of a chocolate bar, I headed out the house and towards the forest, wondering if maybe, I’d encounter more of my old friends inside.

I don’t know what had happened to the twins but they must be somewhere here. If they’d left the gang, they had no where else to stay except in this same forest. It’s more dangerous for younglings to travel alone without a troop. And the forest is the safest place to be. Where else could they have gone?

Pushing my way past the branches sticking out the wild trees and jumping over the thick roots of the vines around me, I searched for them.

“Hello? Stacy? Zach?”

I stepped around one huge willow tree and waited for maybe a wolfish howl but got none in response.

“Stace? You there girl? It’s me, Jade! And Zach, bro where are you?”

Ten minutes passed quickly while I wandered deeper into the murk of the forest. I’d never been till this part before, I remember how the gang used to warn me that the forest wasn’t safe for humans. But hey, there’s nothing I can’t handle right?

Almost as if my thoughts had changed to reality, the atmosphere around me became colder then the already chilly weather. Goosebumps appeared on my skin as the cold, silent breeze almost felt lethal in a way. Something wicked was coming. I could sense it.

I stepped back, trying to maintain my silence so the dark creature approaching won’t find me but boy, it was as if bad luck was chasing me. My foot crunched over a twig. I squeezed my eyes shut, my heart pounding.

I felt something cool caress my cheek and when I opened my eyes, I found myself staring at a black mist like shape. What in the world was that?

“Don’t,” I whispered, pushing the creature away who at once transformed into the thing I most feared, vampire.

“Jade, you left me last time my love. My job was not done. You left some change.”

The vampire approached me, a smirk on his pale face as he swiftly looked over my body.

“Guess I’ll be having a good lunch today.”

I recognized his voice…this was the same vampire whose leg I’d broken and made him endure severe pain. Revenge was something he craved, I could see it in his blood red eyes which used to sparkle innocent blue once. With each step he took closer to me, his face looked even more blood thirsty.

My hands shook at my sides, I felt vulnerable and weak. How was this happening? I should be brave! Not like this…

He now grabbed hold of my wrist, pressing one cold finger against the blood that ran through my veins.

“The beat of your blood is like music to me.” Stepping closer, he pressed his ear against my heart as I stood extremely still, almost as if I was paralyzed. “A music I’d love to dance to with my teeth.”

The tip of his nose traced up from my chest toward my neck, toward the stream of blood so delicate that he would soon break into any second. I felt his lips against the skin as I waited helplessly for that torturous moment.

“I’m lucky Master gave me the opportunity to get payback somehow. He wants you alive but he wouldn’t mind it if you were drained at least a little.”

My body trembled with each word I heard from him. This didn’t sound good. Not good at all.

“The one thing I’m missing is a straw.”

And then, I felt his fangs sink deep into my skin. I squeezed my eyes shut, the pain slicing through my mental silence. The jolts of pain that shot through my body was nothing compared to the feeling of my blood getting drained with every second. It was as if I was losing my energy, my strength, the very feeling of being human. This pain was something I couldn’t scream or thrash about and make noise. It was a pain that silence could only hold.

I gasped out loud, my breath coming in pants when he stepped back, his eyes morphing back to its usual color. He touched my neck with his finger, observing it with interest.

“I’m surprised your not unconscious by now. I’ve drained out almost half the blood in your body. Yet here you stand. And the bite has sealed so quickly, only the scar remains. Curious…master will be very curious.”

His eyes flickered to mine with a hungry look in his eyes. That only meant something bad.

“If you’re not yet exhausted…it wouldn’t hurt to take more would it?”

I stepped back this time, starting to run away as fast as I could. The dark mist appeared in front of me again, changing into the oh-so-familiar vampire. Skidding to a stop and turning on my heel to run the other direction, I felt his arms wrap around my waist tightly, knocking the breath out of me. He twirled me around till he was holding me securely against his body and so I had no escape.

“I can’t afford to play with my toy now Jade. Let me just get into the action.”

And just as I felt him taste more of my blood again, I heard the voice that must have been sent by God itself.

“What in the-?”

“Raine,” I yelled but my voice coming out in a whisper. The next second, I heard the crack of fist connecting with jaw as I stumbled free from the vampire’s hold and into Raine’s. The vampire landed with a thud on the ground but got up at once, staring at Raine in what seemed like delight.

“Raine! Come to join the party eh?”

“She’s with me Ryan,” he hissed, pushing me backwards so I was hiding behind him.

“Master awaits Raine. And he’s not always patient,” the vampire, Ryan, said stonily back.

“He can wait longer. Now stay away from my girl.”

Amusement crossed Ryan’s face as he looked between the two of us.

“Enjoy her blood Raine, but make sure to leave some for me. Later Jade.”

And with that last word, he was gone. I blinked at the empty space in front of me which had only just a few minutes ago, contained the most sadistic vampire I’d met. The one who’d given me my first taste of true pain.

Raine turned back to me, his ocher eyes scorching as he looked at my bite mark.

He reached out to me, his cool hand sweeping over the scar before pulling me into a hug. My hands dangled at my sides, uselessly as I didn’t return the embrace.

“Never scare me like that again. What the fuck were you thinking going back into the forest? It’s dangerous here.”

I pulled back from his bear hug, staring up at him accusingly.

“What connection do you have with the vampires? Who are you?”

His face became blank at the question.
“I can’t tell you.”

“You son of a-”

My fist collided with the side of his face as he went stumbling back, his face mixed with hurt, shock and anger.

“What the fuck Jade!”    

“Don’t what the fuck me! I was so stupid to have trusted you. I should never have trusted you. You’re with them!”

“You should be grateful I saved your life!” He yelled back.

“Yeah, sure you did. You saved my life and just made me know that I’m going to be heading back towards death soon enough. How the hell did that save me you idiot! I might as well have let him drain me instead of trusting you!”

Without a glance, I stormed out the forest, back towards my house. Slamming the door open, I tromped up the stair case, into my room. Pacing back and forth with what little energy I left, I waited for the anger to subside. I had to get a hold of myself and know what this really meant. Raine was with them? He’s a vampire then?

Resting my hands on the dressing table, I looked up at my reflection in the mirror. My dark hair was tousled, my face beaded with sweat and puffy red eyes and not to mention the crescent shaped bite mark. But there was something else. A small trace of blood escaped my mouth. Where did that come from? Opening my mouth, I noticed four different changes inside that made a hell of a lot questions and most of all fear, pop up into my mind.

Four fanged teeth…

I'm a monster.

The End

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