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Ash River

"Robert got you right where he wants you."...........You can't run from him Ash.


"You really do pass off being a vampire."............His blood runs in your veins Ash.


"Scar ownership."..........He's marked you Ash...Only one way to break it...


"Can't run."

"His blood."

"Only one way."

"Can't run."

"His blood."

"Only one way"

"Ash." A descent voice calls. "Ash, Ash!" A different voice shouts and I feel crowed.

"Can't run."

"His blood."

"Only one way."

"What's he on about, Ash man wake up!"

"Ash, you're dreaming. Ash!"

"Rivers get up, you're freaking everybody out."

"Can't run."

"His blood."

"Only one way."

"I can't take this anymore! Hey vamp boy! What he hell are you going on about?!"


"Well look it got through to him. Thank me later Billie."

Opening my eyes felt strange, the blackness of the night and the descent memory seemed safer. "Onlyyyy...onne...wayyyy." I slurred.

"Ash, are. Are you ok?" Billie was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding my hand that was gripping hers. I let go noticing I left white marks were my fingers were. "Sorry Billie, I erm. I just don't know."

"Do you know what you were saying, out load I mean?" Mike asked standing at the end of my bed.  

"I.I." It hurt to think my mind still felt foggy from sleep and the dream. Dream. That voice. Both voices, one was Leon's and the other...Well. "Yer I remember. I need to talk to you. And I need to go out." Looking towards my door and almost glaring at Leon.

"No way Ash, you need to rest." Billie said I looked back at her glaring slightly. I didn't like being told what to do. "Don't look at me like that Ash. You're going nowhere."

"Billie you ca"- But she cut me off, her eyes stared into my dark green ones.

"No. I don't care how much you kick and scream Ash. You. Need. To. Rest." Her voice, the way she sounded. Like a Mum. Yer that was it a mum, telling her 6 year old that he couldn't have another ice cream. "Your power low and you know it. After last night event's your-

"Weak." Chase chipped in putting it bluntly. "Sorry, just saying it how it is. Plus you look rough."

"As must as hate to agree with him Ash. But you're not looking so good." Mike commented.

"You can't stop me Billie, this is my house and before you cut me off. I am going out. I'm not weak." I said the last part quietly to myself. I pushed myself up in bed, the quilt tangled around my legs and I noticed Billie going a little bit red. I smiled a cocky smile to her but was quickly gone as I tried to move off the bed. I gasped and gritted my teeth. I suddenly  felt the breeze wrap itself over me again, pushing me back down.

"I come and check on you later." Billie said touching my shoulder and then bending down and whispering. "You're not weak Ash. Let us help you, you knuckle head." Then she ruffled my already madly arranged spiky black hair.               










The End

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