Ash walks out the room as if in a daze. What's got into him? I know that when he fights like that there is nearly no stopping him but he just went all statue-like, like he had really been turned to stone!

I cast a quick glace at Mike, his face mirroring what I'm feeling.

I held his gaze for a little whilie, like nothing has changed. Like I was sweating and bleeding from my fight with The Thing! I break the eye contact feeling weak and numb.

"Alright ya lot. Ya heard what Ash said. Crash here. Fight over. Well, it is untill I start it again. And if any of ya do start up all this again, remember I have the book and I will use it!" I say in a calm voice then walk out of the room too, going up the stairs.

I sit lightly on my bed, letting warm blood trickle from the gash on my forhead down the right side of my face.

My yellow eyes wide, staring blankly at the blue outline of my bagpack with the book in. It seems to be whispering to me, urging me to open it up and read alond its contence.

"Billie?" My head snaps up to see a rough looking Chase in my door way, softly smiling at me.

I scowl at him and open my mouth to yell at him not crashing downstairs but Chase puts his palms out, amusment shining through his eyes.

"Easy there girl, I come in peace. Just wondering where Sarah is. I haven't seen her since Rivers stopped the fight like a pus..."

"Leave it Chase. Ash is a good dude, wish I could say that 'bout some others." My voice is quiet but it also has a kind of snarl to it. Strange, I'm not wanting to snarl at the moment.

Chase smiles even more widely, making me roll my eyes in bordem.

"Get out of here mongrel! You're not wanted!" Mikes voice echoes around my room. A soft smile touches my lips.

"Easy Sparky. Just wanting to know where Sarah is. Not hitting on Jayson...much." Chase replies, winking at me then walking out my room. Mike scowls at him as he passes then closes the door as soon as Chase steps out of my room.

"Sarahs missing I take it. Probably just being a dramaqueen about the fight. Wonder how long it'll take for them to find her." Mike says more to himself than to me as he sits down next to me on my bed.

I can feel an evil smile take over from my soft one as I think about Sarah.

"Oh they won't find her." I say, my voice no longer a snarl but it still doesn't sound like me.

I shake my head as Mike raises an eyebrow to me

"What did you do Billie?" His voice is quiet and I know he thinks I've used the book. I haven't though. Well, maybe I kind of have....but it's not my fault my powers seem to be getting stronger at one point then the next become out of control. That's 'cause of the book.

I turn to Mike and shrug in a tired way.  I close my eyes and lay down on the bed. I know that, with it being dark in my room and all, that Mike won't really know if I've turned invisable or not. Damn my yellow eyes.

I would open them so he can be sure of me being near him but I'm too tired for that.

"I'm still here. Go to sleep Mike." I mutter, feeling the darkness take over.

I know Mike isn't asleep, even if it seems like it has been hours since we first sat down on my bed. I open my eyes and I feel Mike jump, our faces are inches apart, our noses touching.

I swallow deeply, not taking my eyes away from his, not even to blink.

"Your eyes look like they are two suns shining at me in the darkness." Mike mutters.

I smile, that's kinda sweet ya have to admit. But I quickly make my face turn expressionless.

"I know. If I'm in a dark place the can either give myself away with them glowing or they make me invisable even without my powers." I say with a shrug, still not looking away.

"They really are beautiful." Mike mutters as he puts a hand to my face. I close my eyes at his touch but he quickly pulls his hand away. "What the...?" He says and slowly puts his hand back on my cheek.

"Is that blood? Dried blood?" I can hear the worry in his voice as well as seeing it in his eyes.

"Probably. I've got a cut on my head where The Thing clawed me. It's okay though. I've hand worse." I say with a shrug thinking about the times when those girls near my apartment stoned me, beat me up and things. Oh yeash, I've had much worse than this sorry excuse for a cut!

Mike gets out of bed and pulls me up to my feet, draging me off towards the bathroom. I roll my eyes. There is soooo no need for this!

Mike runs the cold water, soaking a flannel. He puts it up to my face but I flinch away and take it off him, turning towards the mirror to do it myself I gasp. The flannel slips through my fingers as I stare at the mirror.

Mike looks at it too, his eyes going wide.

There, in the mirror, is a confused looking Mike and then a smoking black outline for me.

I lift up my hand and see the smoke move in the mirror. The smoke is me! Strange. And totally awesome!

"Well, this is new." I mutter staring at my black smoke reflection.


The End

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