Raine and AshMature

Jade Sapphire

I didn't have a good sleep at all. Tossing and turning and waking up by my stupid nightmares of Sarah and Ash making out. Argh! Really, that was something sickening to imagine.

In the end, I woke up at four in the morning and headed out the house quietly, not wanting to wake up any of the others. I closed the door with a soft click before sitting down on the steps of the porch.

The moon light was beautiful, illuminating the forest ahead of me. Just a few years ago, out those forests came one of the fascinating creatures ever who became my best friends. But now, I was running away from those same people. Though I did still wonder what happened to the twins. Where were they?

"Beautiful out isn't it?"

I jumped up, my foot ready to smash into the face of my attacker. But at once, my attack came to a halt when I saw Raine catch hold of my shoe with one hand, while sipping out of a mug with another.

"Karate chop much?"

I stared at him suspciously before lowering my foot back to the ground and sitting back down on the porch. I felt him sit down next to me, his knees slightly touching mine before I shifted a little farther away from him, aware of the 'invasion of personal space'.

"Care for some hot chocolate?" He held up his mug and in the other hand, a straw. I almost snorted at how planned he had to spend his time with a girl before nodding. Leaning over, I sipped out the straw and looked up at him. I saw him staring back at me, his amber eyes now appearing emerald in the moon light; just like Ash...

I jolted back from him at the thought of Ash at which Raine was taken aback.

"You alright? Did I do something-"

"No it's not you, I'm just-it's nothing. Sorry."

I struggled for words while I stared at the ground, Ash's face appeared almost everywhere now. In my dreams, in people around me and my surroundings. My subconcious torturing myself.


He handed me the mug and I snuck a glance at him. Raine was still staring at me intensely and I cleared my throat.

"What are you doi-?"

He stretched his hand out to tuck a stray strand of hair behind my ear before leaning in closer to me. I quickly got up before he could graze his lips against mine. With a sigh, he looked up at me.


I shook my head at him disapprovingly before stepping back but he took hold of my wrist in an almost painful way before hissing, "What am I missing that he doesn't have?"

"Everything," I whispered before pulling out of his grasp and walking quickly back into the house. Flopping onto my bed, I sighed. Why the hell was I missing Ash?

The End

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