Equally Matched. Equally Annoyed.Mature

Ash River

I ran smack bang into Leon as I went into Jade's room.

"Watch it mutt." I snapped straightening my jacket. "Where is she"?

"Gone." Leon replied looking out the window. "Interesting pet you have."

"What are you talking about, can you see Jade"? This guy was seriously getting on my last nerve.

"No. But your pet phoenix is flying away. Looks like you pissed that off to. Shame." He shrugged looking at me and smiling. "Everyone just disappears from you Ash. Everyone."

"And what do you mean by that comment?" I didn't like his face at all, knowing grin and secretive eyes.

"Well, your parents. They wanted to leave early." He began. "But you got in the way. Like always."

"You don't know shite about my parents Leon or me." I snapped.

"Robert got you right where he wants you." He shot back I gasped, how the hell did he know about Robert?

"Shut up mutt." I turned to go back out the door, when Leon dashed over blocking the exit. "You're in my way."

"In more ways then some." A low chuckle came from Leon lips.

"Go play dead with someone else who cares. I'll ask you again. Get. Out. Of. My. Way." I didn't recognize my own voice, it sounded dangerous and I clenched my jaw keeping my eyes on him at all times.

"Wow, you really do pass of being a vampire." Leon mocked. "Jade slap goes well with your scar ownership."

‘Scar ownership'? What did that mean? Then Leon really ticked me off.

"Jade's a good kisser, well at listed she was. Guess I'll have to find if she's still got the tactics."

I went for him then my fist going for his face catching him off guard. We were equally matched and both skilled in this area. At one point he had me pressed against the floor, hand around my throat.

"Hey...your sister. She's a...one isn't she." I choked out, his loosened his hand.


"She kissed me." I blurted out this again caught him guard and gave me the chance to flip over. But I forgot what Leon was.

Leon bared his sharp teeth, his brown fur standing on edge and his golden eyes pinned on mine. "Yer she threw herself at me seems to be annoying lots of people around here. Must run in the family."

Leon growled and lung at me, but I was near the window and as Leon reached me he pushed me out the window. ‘Nature, cushion my landing'. I quickly thought. It responded and then me a Leon went back to our fight. Now I was able to use my power against him.

"ASH RIVER, STOP THIS NOW!" The voice shouted in my head making me stop insatiately. I looked round fearing to see what I was thinking. Because no way should I be hearing that voice. I was breathing deeply, feeling sweat coming down my face and my knuckles cut and scrapped.

"Ash. Ash?" I heard Billie voice but it didn't register, neither did the touch on my shoulder from Mike. I just stood there, feeling the blood run from my face seeing something in the trees.

"Ash hello, earth to Ash?" Billie tired again standing in front of me, but not being able to meet my eyes.

"Hey River what made you stop?" Chase voice chipped in. I didn't know how to answer him. I just didn't know.

"Come on it's late. We need some rest. Find an empty room and crash here." I said in a ghostly voice. Somehow I made it to my room, taking a quick shower and slipping my trackie bottoms on.

The house was quite. The night was quite. But something was wrong. Seriously wrong. There was this niggling feeling going around my body. Something was missing. I kept running my hands through my hair. Then I cracked my knuckles hating the noise.

"Ugh." My head snapped up hearing that voice again that I shouldn't be hearing again. Looking out the window from my bed, I saw the moon in it full form and the stars shinning in the blackness of the night.

"I should not be hearing this." I said out loud. A breeze wrapped its self around my bare chest, cooling me down and I settled down in bed. The breeze felt warm as it caressed my face and hair. I heard the hum of the voice, almost as if a dissent memory was sending me to sleep.              

The End

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