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Jade Sapphire

I had it set where I was going. Back home. My real home. The house I’d been raising myself up in since I was a baby. I walked through the forest, praying that no vampires find me here. If they do, I could use my mysterious power on them anyways. The moonlight loomed above me, showing the path.

The light coming from ahead signaled that I was nearer to my destination. I walked even faster knowing this. Stepping out the trees, I looked up at the house, memories flooding in. It didn’t look rusty, old, and abandoned like I’d expected it to. Instead…it looked…polished. That was the word that first popped up in my mind. The outside was painted brown instead of its usual white color. And the lights were switched on inside the house itself.

What was going on here?

I walked up the steps of the porch toward the front door slowly, my hand trailing along the small banister. It had really been a long time. How long had it been since the midnight promenade where I’d ‘rescued’ Mike? Two weeks?

With a sigh, I rapped on the door loudly. At once it opened, and I found myself staring up at a boy. He looked about a year or two older then me as he leaned against the side of the door and smirked at me. He had short brown hair and flickering amber eyes that swept over me, making me feel very conscious of myself.

“Can I help you?”

“Erm, yeah,” I muttered, shaking my head mentally. “I’m just wondering what in the world you’re doing in my house.”

“You’re house?”

“Yes…my house,” I repeated slowly.

“Come on in now.”

I waited for him to move aside so I could set step inside my old house but he didn’t move. Boys. I moved past him, trying to make very little physical contact as I stepped into the entrance of my house. Wow…it looked different. For one, the fact that it was actually clean startled me. No more spider webs and carpets coated with dust.

“Follow me,” he said, taking hold of my arm. I squirmed away from him but did as he said and found myself staring at a woman and a man; who I figured were his parents.

“Raine…this your friend?” The woman asked, wiping her hands in a towel.

“No mom, this is the supposed owner of the house.”


“I’m Jade Sapphire and I live here so I’m wondering what you all are –”

“Jade, so very sorry. We thought this house wasn’t taken. It was all old and musty and abandoned when we’d come a week ago. We really needed a home. I’m hoping it’s alright if we stay.”

Raine’s parents looked at me hopefully and with a sigh I nodded.

“But I’m going to need my room back,” I said.

“Of course, you can stay here,” the father said warmly.


I turned around to stare at Raine with an eyebrow raised. He grinned at me before saying, “We’d become great friends won’t we?” I snorted before pushing past him and ascending the stairs, knowing he was following me.

Raine strangely reminded me of Chase, except he was human. Or was he? I shook my head, throwing that thought out my mental window. I was safe here and I knew it. This family seemed warm and kind and the vampires won’t be able to find me here…I think.

The End

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