Fists, Fur And A Hell Of A Lot Of Pissed People!Mature

Billie Jayson.

"Billie, don 't do it. Don't get involved!" Mike calls following
me out of my room and down the stairs. "Billie don't do anything

"Stupid?!" I spin around and glare at him, anger pulsing through
my body. "Oh yeah, that's right. Billie Jayson, the stupid girl
who does stupid things that's me!" I snap at Mike. He looks
shocked but sorry.

Water fills my eyes as I'm suddenly really upset for no apparent
reason. What the hell's going on with me? I shake my head and hug
Mike closely.

"Sorry I snapped. But The Thing has gone too far now! First she
messes around with ya, which by the way I still haven't forgiven
ya for, now she's messing with Jade and Ash! I'm not letting her
get away with that! Jade and Ash have both been through utter
crap and they deserve to be happy together 'cause they're meant
to be together, any idiot can see that a mile off! I'm gonna put
that bitch in place! Her being a werewolf or not, she's not
getting away with this without me giving her what's for!" I say,
my voice starting to raise and I'm feeling angry again.

Mike brings me closer to him. "Billie, I understand. I really do.
All the wolves are making crap of all of us." I look up at his
face and see his jaw clenched, his blue eyes livid. Huh, I never
noticed how, when he's pissed off, the orange around his eyes
become more defiant. Wonder what wolf has pissed him off?

Mike looks down into my eyes for a long while. I resist the urge
to look away. It's a strange feeling, I want to look away 'cause
no one ever has ever looked at me the way he's looking at me now.
Never. Not even Matt. It's like he sees me. Really sees me. And
for that reason, I don't want to tear my eyes away from his.

Chase bounces up besides me a huge smile on his face , oblivious
to the eneregy that I seem to be giving off towards Mike. Maybe
it's just me who can feel it?

I let go of Mike and turn towards the front door which is kicked
open. Jade's standing there looking totally pissed off but more
hurt than anything.

Strange, it pains me to see her hurt. Like a older sister who is
close to her younger sister, I don't like seeing her hurt in this
 In any way to be frank.

"Jade are you...?" I start to ask, worry and concern thick in my

"Get out'a my way." She growls, pushing past us and climbing up
the stairs towards her bedroom. Her door slams shut and I can
hear something smash.

I start to head up the stairs but Leon pushes past me.

"Hey!" I growl annoyed. I have to make sure Jade is okay but I
know I can't when this bloody mongrel wants to!

Leon turns back to me. "I'm seeing if she's okay. She needs me."

"No. She needs a friend there to surrport her. She needs someone
who actrually cares about her and, I'm sorry, but a man-wolf who
has been flirting with her non-stop under her guys nose isn't her
friend! Now move outta my way!" I nearly yell but I keep it cool
by turning my hands into fists. I can feel myself shake.

"Shut up you don't know anything about what we've been through!"

"Don't tell her to shut up, dog!" Mike explodes at him.

"I'll do what I bloody like!" Leon snaps and turns up the stairs.

I can hear Chase laughing behind me. What is up with that guy?
Seriously, isn't there anything he doesn't laugh at?

"Not where Jade is concerned ya don't." I say, storming after
him up the stairs.

"What good are you to her? Going to hug her and turn her face
demented like your boyfriends and then let her turn into a
leech?" Leon hisses, stoping me in my tracks. How does he know
anything about Matt?

"How dare you say that! That wasn't Billie's fault you dick!"
Mike yells, coming up the stairs too, an angry look in his eyes.

I can see Leon smile a little at Chase and in seconds Chase rugby
tackels Mike. I gasp, frozen where I am, just staring at the two
guys fighting.

After a short while I tear my gaze away and look where Leon was
and curse. "Dammit he's bloody gone! Fat lot of help that'll do!"

Ash runs inside, looking at the guys shocked. A angry red mark is
across his face, just like someone who has just been slapped.
Probably Jade. Man that girl holds back! I didn't know she
could slap so hard! I'm proud.

I shake my head and stop Ash just before he tries to stop the

"Jade's in her room. Go to her and quick! Say sorry and I know ya
bloody will mean it! Hurry Leon's in there!" I mutter to Ash, who
speeds up the stairs and by Jades door.

The fight heads into the living room, breaking a coffee table.
Oooh Asah is gonna be pissed!

I can hear some more slamming and I turn towards the front door,
seeing Jade run out of it, tears streaming down her face.

It's so sad, even I could cry just watching her go.

I know the others would tell me to go after her but she needs

A broken heart always needs time to mend. I know that.

I look around despratly, suddenly Frazz flies into the room. He
circles the fighting men. I whistle loudly, getting his attention.
Frazz flies over to me, a pained look in his eyes.

"Frazz. I know ya can understand me. And I know all this hate and
 hurt ain't gonna make ya feel good. Go after Jade. Stay with her,
she needs a friend. Protect her please. And if she wants to,
make sure she gets back here safely. This is her home now. This
is all of our homes. Yours too Frazz."

I stroke some of his fiery feathers, never taking my eyes off of

"Please go and stay with her no matter what. Comfort her. Protect
her. Please, for me." I mutter, knowing that tears are forming in my

 I've just lost one friend and this feels like I'm loosing another.
Afterall, Frazz is part of the family.

"Go. Please. Just go after her." I say, my voice stronger than I
expected it to be.

Frazz gives me one last sad look before flying into the air and out
the door after Jade.

God, I hope they both will be fine.

A fist slams into my face and I fall over, taken by surprise.

Sarah is leering over me, a horrid smile on her face. "Now we're
even, slag!" She hisses.

"Bite me bitch!" I growl back, tripping her up with my feet then
jumping to mine.

Sarah gets to her feet and clicks her knuckles, ready for a fight.

I can hear smashing, along with wolf growls, coming from in here
and upstairs too, guess Ash has lost his temper with Leon. And
both Chase and Leon have turned into doggy-mode.

I click my ankles, my golden eyes glaring at her so hard she has to
advert her eyes. Oh, I haven't used my eyes to my own advantage in
months! This will be fun! "This is war biatch! Ya should never of
messed with the people of this house, 'specially not me!" I snarl
at her, crouching low, ready from a fight. I then charge at The
Thing, hands like claws.

She's gonna pay for even trying to mess up the people of this
household! She's gonna pay for what she's did to Jade! What she
did to all of us!

The End

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