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Ash River

The moon shone down on her and her dark hair gently blows in the night air around her. Jade. I watched as Jade took her feet out of the pond and then bring her knees to chest. She was totally lost in thought, it seemed sad by the look on her face and it didn't suit Jade. I had a feeling that Jade had seen too much pain in her life. I walked quietly over to her not wanting to disturber her, I coughed once but she didn't hear me.

 "Jade, what are you doing here?" As she turned round to see who it was and when she meets my eyes she smiled.

"Recollecting memories." Jade said simply I returned her smile and sat next to her.

We both just sat there not saying anything. It was strange, with Jade I didn't have put on a show for her. With other girls they always wanted my attention; don't get me wrong I don't mind giving them my attention, but sometimes it was just too much. With Jade it was soo different, she didn't mind the silence between us. Then we both broke the silence at the same time.

"I guess you want to know about Leon?"

"So what's the deal with Leon?"    

"What?" We again both said together and then laughed.

"Sorry you go first Ash." Jade said.

"No you first, I'm sorry." I replied.

"Ok, I said. I guess you want to know about Leon?" Jade said carefully looking in my dark green eyes.

"I. I well I guess yer. I mean you don't have to tell me. I. Ugh." I stammered running hand through my hair.

Jade smiled at me. "I was thirteen when I met the pack, Leon was the leader and Sarah his little sister was in the pack too, along with these twins." Her voice dropped when she mentioned the ‘twins'.

"Anyway we all lived together for like a year, we had some really good time together and we were almost like a family I guess. But a year later, they erm. They were gone."

What! How the hell could he just leave her like that? She was still a kid! "Leon left you?"

"Yer and the others." She looked away from me and this hurt me, like she couldn't tell me things even the bad things.

"Hey." I said putting my arm around her pulling her close to me. "Jade listen, look at me." With my other hand I lifted her chin up, her eyes watering a little. "Jade I promise you that I will never leave you."

"Don't promise me anything Ash, people have being promising me my whole life and they always let me down." She shrugged like it didn't matter to her, but deep down I go could the pain in her eyes that kept hidden away.

"Jade, I'll always be honest with you, if you're honest with me. How about that?" I replied still looking into her eyes.

"Okay then." She nodded. If only I could re-wide my conversation with Jade, because who should pass us but Sarah.

 "Hey Jade, your lucky that Ash has amazing healing powers too, my lip are feeling much better now that Ash worked his magic on them." Sarah looked from Jade to me and winked at me. O'hell!
"What are you talking about Sarah?" Jade asked puzzled by Sarah words.
"Ash and his healing powers, didn't you know?" Sarah put in a fake shocked voice, which Jade of course fell for.
 I had to get rid of her and distract Jade. "Sarah I've just ran into Leon and he's looking for you."

"Really? Okay then. O'Jade, has Ash ever used his magic power on you yet, on your cheek, neck, lips or other places?" I couldn't believe this girl; she was just cursing trouble between everyone. She smiled knowing that she'll dropped me right in it with Jade. 
"Bye Sarah!"I snapped at her, Sarah smile grow even more and blow me a kiss before leaving and of course Jade was watching everything way too closely.

"I wonder where Frazz is haven't seen him in a while." I stood up walked a few feet when Jade voice stopped me.

"What she talking about Ash?"

Still not facing her I replied. "I helped clean her up after Billie smacked her in the mouth, that's all."

"Did, well. Was that all?" I could practically hear her mind replaying the scene that just happened.

"Jade nothing happened." Which tectonically nothing really did.

"Ok, just moments ago we said that we would be honest with each other didn't me." Dammit she had me hook line and sinker. "Be honest with me Ash, I know what Sarah like and I want to know did anything else happen?"

I sighed and finally looked at her. "Honestly nothing." I walked away from her then but stopped. Just tell her the truth. Sighing again I walked back to Jade.

"Jade I'm sorry but-

"O'my god! You've just lied to me, how could you after you said that you'll be honest with me!" She shouted.

"Ok honestly it was nothing." I took a deep breath. "She kissed me Jade."

"You mean ‘Jade we kissed', it takes too people to kiss Ash surly you of all people should know that!" She snapped. Wow that touched a nerve inside of me.

"Like you would know anything about it." I snapped back. "Or maybe you do."

"Ash you don't let anyone in! You surround yourself with walls." Then she remembered what else I said. "And what do you mean by that?"

"Well you and Leon must of being pretty close and I bet you're very happy that he's back. I don't know maybe childhood sweethearts can continual their love for each other." I shrugged both of our voices were rising, meaning that everybody could probably hear us. "Like some fairly tale story, only this time the prince is a mutt instead of a toed!"

I didn't see her hand; I only felt the stinging sensation on my face after she slapped me. "You don't know half the crap I've through Ash or Leon or anyone's for that fact!"

I touched my right side of my cheek. "You don't know the crap that I've been through."

"This isn't a competition!" She shouted throwing her hands in the air. "I can't bare to look at you Ash, just get out of my sight."

"Jade she kissed me!" I repeated.

"I don't care! Who kissed who. The fact is that you lied to me. Friends don't do that to each other."

"You get that out some girl mag?" My voice was sarcastic, but I regretted it. "Jade I-

"Save it! And if it did get it from a mag, then it would have been an article on ‘How to treat your friends and keep them'. Looks like you have to read up on it!" Then she turned her back on me and headed for the house.

I looked up to the windows then seeing Mike in Jades room looking out the window-which was open. Great. That means they heard the whole thing.

"I didn't read it either, go figure." Sarah voice came from the shadows of the trees.

"Let me guess you watched us?" I raised a eyebrow at her.

"Of course I did and believe me it was better then reading some lame arsed article in some boring magazine." She laughed.

"Hey what do they call female dogs again, I can't remember now? Was it something begins with B?" I asked knowing full well what it meant.

She pondered for a moment, already knowing where I was heading. "B. Hmm. Ahh. Yes I remember now."


"Beautiful, Brilliant and my all time favourite beyond cleaver." She winked and went back into the shadows.

"Huh I was thinking along the lines of, bitch. I said to myself as went back into the house.





The End

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