Happy Moment Gone Just Like The Icecream.Mature


The Thing walks past me, closely following Mike. "Better watch it flour face." She hisses at me as she passes, both of us having an identical glare.

"Bite me toliet breath!" I snap back. She just laughs and carries on walking.

Once they are both out the room I sigh deeply and kick the nearest cupboard, in rage, imagining it being The Things head.

I jump up on the counter and rest my head on the wall, closing my eyes. I can hear Frazz outside flying around happily. "At least someones happy." I mutter under my breath, suddenly feeling really low.

"You're not happy?" A familiar voice asks. I open my eyes to see Chase shutting the freezer with a spoon in his mouth and a tub of chocolate icecream under his arm.

I shrug and change the subject, I don't want people to feel sorry for me being down. It's my own fault anyways. "Why've ya got icecream? Does ya head hurt that much?" Sympathy's in my tone as my yellow eyes search Chase for any sign of pain.

He just laughs, putting the tub down next to me and getting another spoon out of the draw. "Nah, just wanted icecream." He says, handing me a spoon. I smile weakly and take it after taking the lid off of the icecream tub.

I take a spoonfull of chocolate icecream and put it in my mouth, shivering from its cold contense.

"So," I say taking out my spoon and feeling the cool icecream run down my throat on the inside. "What do ya think hit ya?" I ask, really curious.

Chase shrugs and takes a massive spoonfull and putting it in his mouth. He swallows like he's completely unaware of its coldness. "Dunno. It happened pretty quickly. If I didn't know any better I would of said it was a punch but I dunno. The spped and force of it is too strong to be."

"Not unless it was someone with powers." I mutter, taking another spoonfull of chocolate, having a brain-freeze. I wince, putting a hand to my head. Chase just laughs, taking my hand away and replacing it with one of his warm ones.

I smile a thanks and take another spoonfull, remembering all that's happened in such a short amount of time.

First, I get stoned by these bullies near my dorm. Then I turn invisable, bumping into someone past the chippy. After that me and Amilie meet Karel who's blind but can see me and many other things. Then we go to see the immortal elders with Mike tagging along. Robert bites me, making me visable, but takes too much blood. Ash comes in and saves the day. We get out and get in Ash's car, Mike gets taken by the vamps. Jade helps Mike and kills a vamp (somehow). Then all the rest, vampires taking Jade, me and Mike finding the book, Ash going missing but we find out the vampires got him too and then Matt. Matt being a total physco, trying to kill us all but then I killed him with the help of the others. After that we found dear old Frazz and three werewolves in Ashs garden.

Wow. It really has been messed up. I can't believe this has all happened on such a short period of time.

I shake my head, taking away Chase's hand.

"You alright? Seemed a bit away with the fairies for a while there."

I shrug. "I'm good. Just thinking 'bout stuff. Is The Thing... I mean Sarah, always this bitchy?"

Chase takes another large spoonfull as he thinks about this for a second. "No, not really. Normally she gets her mind set on whatever it is we are doing and then nothing gets in her way. I haven't really seen her act like this in a long while. But then again, I wasn't always with Leon and Sarah, she might of been like this when the twins were with them or not." He shrugs again.

"The twins? Who're they?" I ask taking another spoonfull, the last spoonfull of the whole tub. Boy, did we eat that fast.

"Er, well, it don't matter. What 'bout you? You always this...aggressive?" He asks, raising an eyebrow, making me laugh.

"Hardly! When I was in America I used to be more loud and out there ya know? But after what happened to Matt I came here and was quiet, keeping to the shadows."

"Who's Matt? What do ya do to him? Kill him 'cause he beat you at hide-and-seek?" Amusement is shinning in Chase's eyes but this time I don't laugh along with him. He's gone too far, whether he knows it or not doesn't matter.

I ignore him and carry on like he's never spoke. "Ever since I've met Mike, Jade and Ash, I've become more like my old self. 'Part from the whole me being aggressive as ya call it. I never was, not unless the situation needed me to be. Now I just loose it at everything."

"And do you like it? Being more like your old self?"

I frown and slid off the counter, walking around the kitchen and standing in front of the window, looking out at Ash's garden.

"I dunno. I do miss how I was but I did so many wrong things when I was that person. It's easier if I'm invisable. Keeping out of everyones way, not getting noticed. Less people get hurt that way." I mutter, getting lost in my own thoughts, becoming more down hearted then before.

"I don't think you can ever go unnoticed. You're too...you for that to happen." Chase says coming up from behind me.

I shake my head, coming back to the here and now and shrug, turning to Chase.

"You say that. Maybe you're right, maybe you're not. But the thing that's a deffinate is that it's better for everyone if I just stay away like I promised. That way none of them will turn up like Matt." Before Chase can reply I walk out of the kitchen, going up the stairs.

I can hear him following behind me so I stop. "Don't Chase. I need to be alone for now." I say, the sadness in my voice. I carry on walking and go into my room. I turn to close the door when I see Chase still behind me, just outside of my room.

"I said don't! For god's sake! Just LEAVE ME ALONE!" I scream at him and slam the door in his shocked face. Fustrated tears run down my face as I fall onto my bed, crying into my pillow.

I can hear someone outside, it sounds like they're arguing with Chase. Is that Mike?

I shake my head, not wanting to try and make out what they're saying. My pillows damp with all my tears and my eyes are sore, yet the tears still come.

I can feel a strong hand on my arm. "Oh Billie." I turn over and hug Mike, more tears escaping more quickly, soon his shirt is wet from my sudden wave of sorrow.

"It's okay. It's okay." Mike mutters in my ear, stroaking my hair.

I cling onto him even more. I torn between wanting him to go and wanting him to stay. Mike puts his arms around me. Closing my eyes, I know I want him to stay. Even if he is with that flea bag, that doesn't change my feelings for him.

The End

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