Mike: Hurt it, himMature

I thank Ash quickly for the drive back home, and got in the house. I think I owed Billie an apology even though I knew it was tied to that damn book, and her strange new obsession to it, the best I could do now was say sorry, and even that might set her off because she might think I would be trying to steal it from her. Aw well have to give it a try anyways, I thought to myself walking up the stairs soundlessly.

"You idiots, cover me in flour! Better not have touched MY BOOK!" I hear Billie say angrily from her room.

"Trust me no one touched your book." Chase says.  I look through the small door opening. Why where they in the same room together alone?

"Better not have." Billie growls.

"Here let me clean you off." Chase says beginning to lightly hit the flour off her shoulders, and arms before 'accidentally'  tripping on to her making them both hit the bed laughing.  A shot of pure jealousy ran through me. I turn around I'll tell her later when she isn't busy flirting with wolf boy. I turn around stopping the same thought of inflicting him pain running through my head. I thought it as an irrational impulse but on my way down the stairs the thought became stronger until I finally agreed I should hit him so hard, and fast he wouldn't know what hit him. I give a smile as he walks out Billie's door. Quicker than the eye can see I rush past him hitting straight between the eyes with my fist sending him flying down the hall till he finally hits the wall on the other side as I make my way to another hall to make it look like I had only witnessed the events.

"Ow! What the hell was that?!" He says sounding a bit angry, with an undertone of pain.

"What happened?" I ask casually resisting the urge to hit him again.

"I really have no idea, just something hit me on forehead!" he says confused, and frustrated.

"Huh well I'd be careful. Maybe you should tell the others." I suggest quickly giving the dumb dog boy to do something that he would deem helpful. He gets up excitedly rushing around the house quickly telling everyone of a mysterious force that is attacking people. I give a cruel smile. Before walking down the hall to talk to Billie who had been a bit sympathetic for Chase. As I walked I felt the sickening feeling of guilt, that was not like me at all, no matter how jealous I feel I would never hurt someone and be so cruel. Another sickening feeling came over me, I didn't want to accept it. It simply couldn't be!

"Are you okay?" Sarah say's behind me before Billie says anything. Great just what I needed the two in the same room, I already got the feeling the both of them could easily rip the others intestines our and and hanging them with thier own intestines while gouging their eyes out with white hot fire pokers.

"Just fine." I say with a course voice. Billie sighs a frustrated sigh. I try to make eye contact with her but she once again ignores me as Sarah edges a bit closer to me. I can see why she is acting so cold around me but she doesn't have to completely ignore me! And having Sarah seems to make it worse, why can't she leave me alone for a moment? I gave up trying to talk to Billie, and just walk past her barely murmuring 

"I'm sorry for whatever I did." Sarah following quickly behind me before stopping to exchange an insult with Billie. I take the opportunity to find Ash and lose Sarah I needed to get away from her before I could properly apologize to Billie.


The End

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