Some 'Alone' TimeMature

Jade Sapphire

Feeling satisfied after finally figuring out where Billie was, I silently slipped away from the others and stepped out the gates of the mansion. I figured I wanted to have some time alone for myself. I was needing it.

There were a lot of things that had happened till now and I wasn't sure what to make of it...getting my powers, meeting other supernatural people, vampires and mysterious books, and the ever so changing moodswings of Billie and now the wolves.

I approached a small pond and sat down on the wet grass, dipping my legs in to the water. I leaned back on my arms and stared into the sky.

Three years back, when I was thirteen years old I'd gone out for a mid-day stroll. On the way I'd walked past the woods when I'd heard a rustling sound coming from inside. Being the curious girl I am, I approached the forest, going inside to see who might be there. It never struck me that I might cross paths with a supernatural being. Peering from behind a tree, I saw them. Four wolves, one with the dark brown fur and golden eyes, another who seemed similar to him, almost like a sister, with light brown fur. And the two others were both having golden brown fur. They were twins, I was certain.

I had stepped forward, enchanted by the beauty of all four wolves. But my presence was at once spotted by the crunch of the tree branch I'd stepped over. All four heads snapped toward me. The twin wolves had growled at me but I was barely paying attention to any of them.

Stepping forward cautiously, I had reached for the one with the golden eyes. He seemed to be the oldest out of them and he watched me, with a look of awe and shock mixed in his eyes. That was the first time, I pet my now best friend, Leon.

When they transformed to humans, I wasn't shocked or afraid the way I was probably supposed to be and that was what intrigued them. I was different and the fact that I didn't run, screaming my head off at the sight of wolves was somewhat comforting.

Leon, being sixteen years old that time, was happy by the human friend he'd made. The wolf pack stayed with me at my small house; Leon, Sarah, and the twins, Stacy and Zach.

That one year of spending time with them was filled with pure happiness and joy. But only a week after my fourteenth birthday, I woke up and found myself in loneliness yet again. They were gone.

And now they were back.

With a sigh, I got up and brought my knees to my chest. I wonder where the twins were though. Had they gone off to join a different pack? But Leon wouldn't have left that happen; they were all quite the family. I should ask him sometime.

My mind wandered off and a sudden image of Ash popped up and I almost shuddered. The way he'd been staring at Leon whenever we were was...quite not Ash-like. I've never seen him react that way to someone, excluding the vampires. But Leon was his ally so why had he stared at him as if he was going to chop him any second. I was planning to figure out what Ash's problems with the wolves were too.

"Jade, what are you doing here?"

I turned around to see who it was...speak of the devil. Smiling at Ash a little I said, "Recollecting memories."

The End

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