The Thing, Bird, Flour, Food, Ninja, Hiding, Cake And Ewwwww!Mature


Haha, that wolf will never catch me! I've got flow man, haha.

I run up the stairs, taking two at a time, knowing Chase is a few steps behind me. He might be a wolf but I'm still quick! Hehe I'm a ninja!

I slam the nearest door as I run past it and see Chase run into the room. I giggle and run into the one opposite seeing Jade's at the top of the stairs.  I sit on the floor by the wardrobe waiting for them to come in.

I can hear something outside the room, it sounds like Chase and Jade have bumped into eachother. Ha! What darft people. Oooh, there's another voice, Leon I think. Hmm, wonder where Ash and the skanky female are.

Suddenly the door bursts open and all three of them walk inside. Jade looks worried, poor girl she's got nothing to worry 'bout but that Chase dude has 'cause I'm gonna beat his ass at this game! Leon is obviously just here because Jade is. And Chase has got a huge smile on his face, eyes lit up like a birthday cake. Ooooh birthday cake. I'm hungry. Wonder if Ash has any cake.... I shake my head, getting rid of my food thoughts.

Oh this would be soooo cool if I do the whole Kill Bill thing right now! But that wouldn't work; I don't have any of those totally awesome swords! Oooh I want on of them, I'll get one next time I'm out unless I forget. I'll probably forget.

I get to my feet and causaly walk out of the room, tripping over Chase's foot as I do so.

Stupid tall guy!

He looks down, expecting to see me there, but sees nothing. Haha sucker I'm sooo gonna win this! And I'll rub it in his face after! Oh if Mike could see me now! Why'd I think of Mike? Wait a sec...where is Mike?

I quickly move away from Chase and run over to the next room, opening and slamming a door then doing the same to the one next to it. Haha that's my room. Ooooh, I could keep some cake in there for later. Hmm cake....

Jade and Leon rush into my room while Chase runs into the room next to it. Aw bless him, he's such a little pup at heart. Haha!

I run to the stairs, sliding down the bannister. I fall onto the floor and jump up onto my feet. Wow! Always wanted to do that!

Where to go?

I run into the kitchen and slam the door after me. I turn around to see Ash and the female wolf scum quickly moving away from eachother, Ash looks embarissed and The Thing (that is now Sarahs name untill I think of a proper insult) looks almost happy about something.

I wonder what they were........

Eeeewwwwwww! That's just ewwwww!

Ash kissed The Thing! I shiver and scrunch up my nose. He'll have to bathe in sanatiser for a month! Haha, I'm gonna remember that one.

Ash moves quickly towards the door, opens it and looks around. He grabs his coat and heads for the front door.

I'm bored of this game now. Chase is sooooo bad at hide-and-seek! I wonder if Mike is any good? I shake my head, who cares? All he'll wanna do is lock lips with The Thing just like Ash has just done.

What is it with guys? Well, maybe not all guys but definatly these two! Do they like getting some off of something out of the trash? Ew.

Well, whatever. They can do all they want, don't bother me. Unless they go near me. I don't wanna get fleas from that skank!

I walk out to the garden. I think I'll swing on the swing for a while.


I sit down, resting my head on the side of the old swing.

I wonder where Ash has gone. Maybe he's gone to find Mike.  Oh! Maybe Ash and Mike have gone to see Johnny Depp! Mybe Johnny Depp has cake! Hmm, Johnny Depp. Hmm, cake.

 Maybe, they've all gone for cake! Johnny Depp, Mike and Ash! Gone for cake! I like cake. Hmm, I wonder what cake? Oh darn, I bet they gets sponge cake. I hate sponge cake. Ohwell, at least I can start a food fight.

Oooh food fight.

Ooooh food.

Oooooooooh a bird! A flying bird!

I stare after the bird as it circles me. Cool. Oh wait, that's not a bird.... that's Frazz! Cool! Suddenly he flies away. Shame, I would of shared my cake with him, if I had any that is. Hmmm, I want some coffee. Or a really cool keyring!

Well, this is fun. Ha! They probably think I'm still inside! Haha, this ninja is too smart for the likes of wolves hahahaha.

I start to giggle but stop when I feel something soft fall all over me. I look around, making white powder fall from my head. What the...?

Flour? Someone has thrown flour over me! Oh this is soooo not fair! That's it! They have now just ruined hide-and-seek for me forever! Pfft, thinking they can change the rules just 'cause I did. That's not fair!

"Hey Jade, you were right! The flour really does make her show up!"

I scowl up at the person who throw the flour at me. Oh they are soooo dead dog meat if they got it in my bag! If they got it on MY book!

The End

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