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Ash River

God I was pissed. As if we didn't have enough to worry about, now we're got werewolves looking for the darn book that Billie attached her self to and to add to the mix my powers were weak. I didn't even want to think about Leon and Jade. What did I care anyway? But was there something between me and Jade? Whatever that was earlier that, that moment between us and in her room?

I hated Leon with pure hatred. Him and Jade they fitted well together, like they were made for each other and they had history. Then as if thinking about Leon and Jade they came hand-in-hand into the kitchen.

"O'erm." Jade looked a little lost and dropped her hand from Leon's.

"Your Ash River then, I guess I have to offer you my thanks." Leon stepped forward offering me his hand to shake.

I looked at his hand, then at Jade confused face for a moment. "Thanks?"

"Yer, for saving my girl Jade. Jade is very special to me, so thank you for looking after her." Leon smiled still holding his hand out.

The urge to stand up and hit him is perfect face was tempting beyond belief. But I couldn't-yet. I stood up noticing that he was a few inches taller then me. Looking at Jade I saw that she was holding her breath and staring at both of us.

I took his hand saying. "It was nothing, anyone would have done it." Stepping closer to him and tighten my grip on his hand in whispered. "If she that special to you, then why wasn't it you saving her from those blood suckers?"

I stepped back still looking into Leon amused eyes. Then we heard something going on outside, I felt as if someone dashed past me I looked round.

 "Where's Billie gone?" Jade in a worried voice looking outside, Chase the other werewolf comes dashing into the kitchen.

"She's hiding and I'm gonna find her." Chase announces he was clearly new to all of this.

This was when Sarah Leon sister came into the kitchen. I felt sorry for the girl having someone like Leon for a brother. That's when things also turned interesting. Sarah was holding her lip, that was now bleeding then coughing and also holding stomach. Billie invisible I take it. I thought to my self.

"Guess we know Billie's in the house." I couldn't help shaking my head, thinking bizarre things were now that the wolves had come. Jade went running after Billie and Leon like a lost puppy followed her.

"That...Bitch!" Sarah coughed sitting on the chair. "Just wait to I get my hands on her."

"Shouldn't that be paws?" I joked.

"Huh? O'ha ha good one." She replied looking me up and down. "Hmm."

"Let me get you something for  your lip." I turned to the sink finding a clean towel and wetting it with warm water. I bent down in front of her clear fully whipping the blood away.

"Thank you." She told me looking into my eyes.

"I'm sorry about Billie, she's. She's being through a lot recreantly, I know that it doesn't excuse her hitting you but. Sorry." I finished whipping the blood and was about to move when her hand catch mine.

"You know Ash, my lips are still hurting and you could do something to make them feel better." Sarah purred in a sexy like voice, running a hand up and down my arm.

Letting out a breath that I holding I stood up, but Sarah pulled me back down and dragged her lips onto mine.     

The sound of the kitchen door slamming shut pulled us apart. Wasn't that door open just a minute ago? O'god someone seen us! But who? I stood up backing away from Sarah and going to look in the hall which was empty. Wanting to get out of here I grabbed my leather jacket, car keys and went out the house.


"Hey." I sit down next to Mike.

"Ash. How did you know that I was here?" Mike asks.

"I didn't." I reply then seeing his confused look. "Nature did."

"Huh, thought your powers were down?"

"They are, tracking you didn't take too much power."

We both sat there lost in our thoughts, until I as usually broke the silence and blurted out. "Billie hit Sarah and now Sarah on the war path. I'm this close to whipping that smug grin of Leon face. Chase has got a thing for Billie. And I think someone saw me and Sarah in the kitchen. Also something is seriously wrong with Billie and that book."

"Can you just rewind all of that, it sound fairly interesting." Mike said smiling at me, I returned the smile and feeling happy that we were getting on with each other.

"These something about that Leon, acting his all that because he leader of the pack, or alpha."

"Not the fact that he and Jade are close?"

"No, why should that bother me. Me and Jade are friends."

"Whatever Ash. Anyway what about you and Sarah?"

"Erm. Well after Billie who was invisible at the time, hit her Sarah lip was bleeding. So I cleaned her up and well. She pulled me and." Remembering the kiss, it was just a peak but I didn't feel anything for her.

"You kissed her! Ash what were you thinking?" We both looked at each other.

"She kissed me."

"But wait, you said that someone saw you, who?"

"I don't know. The kitchen door slammed shut, then when I went to see who it was the hallway was empty." I explained.

"Trust you." Mike laughed and I couldn't help but laugh too.

"It's not funny. What's with you anyway, why are you here?"

"Things on my mind. Wondering if I can ever go back to the life that I had a few days ago." He told me standing up.

"Would you want to? Go back to everything being normal?" I asked as we made our way to my car.

"When you think about it, life isn't normal Ash. Even if we didn't live in this fictional fairly tale where; powers, vampires, werewolves and magic books existed we still wouldn't be normal." I listened to Mike letting his words echo in my head. We headed back home and this time I didn't break the silence between us as I drove.   




The End

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