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I hear the door open but I ignore it. Whoever it is can bog off! If they're looking for the book then they'll have to tear the whole room apart, 'cause I aint telling them where it is!

"Billie? Are you okay?" The caring voice belonging to Jade asks me as she sits on the end of my bed. I rush of the bed, away from her, as she tries to put her hand on my shoulder.

I turn off my music and Frazzle flies onto my shoulder.

"Billie, what's up?" Jade gets to her feet, worry and concern shinning through her eyes.

I cross my arms over my chest.

"Oh nothing really, just killed my ex-boyfriend 'cause he was a vampire all 'cause of me. Three dogs are here. One of them ya seem friendly with that Ash is soooo not liking meaning it's gonna be hard on all of us. Another one flirting away, doing my head in. And that bitch out there all over Mike and trying to take my book from me...!"

"Billie, don't call them dogs, they are really nice when you get to know them..." Jade starts but I carry on like she hasn't said a thing.

"Oh, and my powers are going all strange. Things around me are turning invisable. I refuse to get close to anyone 'cause if I do they are soooo gonna turn up like Matt! And Ash is all pissy 'cause the alpha wolf or whatever is all over you. The female is after the book and my Mike! Well, I guess they'll be happy together. She won't turn him invisable, ruin his life. You know, like I did to Matt. Oh yeah and I am seeing spots in front of my eyes!" I yell, making Frazz fly back to the bed.

I put a hand to my head as it spins.

"Oh, Billie..." Jade takes a step closer but I stumble back.

"Didn't ya hear me?! Touch me and ya can say bye-bye to ya preety face." I hiss a warning to her, the spots in front of myt eyes slowly going.

"Billie will you just listen for one minuet!" Jade says, a tone under a shout. I look at her shocked. "The wolves are my friends and they are here to help and stuff. Sarah isn't after Mike." I snort, narrowing my eyes. "And as for turning everything invisable, I haven't seen anything that's missing."

"That's because ya weren't around when I dun it!"

"Billie calm down. No wonder you're seeing spots. Come sit down, rest. We'll talk 'bout things yeah?"

I shake my head. "I'm fine now." I lie. I know Jade is being nice and all but it seems like everything is doing my head in right now.

I grab my backpack and storm out of my room, noticing that everyone is now gone.

I hear Jade calling after me but I just walk faster.

I head for the kitchen and open the fridge, ignoring the questioning looks from all who are in there.

"Urgh, no beer! Stupid Ash drinking it all!" I groan and slam the door shut.

"Hey, enough of the stupid if I were you." Ash says behind me. I spin around and scowl at him. I open my mouth to snap at him but shake my head. No use arguing with Ash.

I move past him and outside.

I ball my fists and rock on the balls of my feet with my eyes closed.

"Hey madgirl. You don't have to be imagining me, I'm right here." The deep voice of Chase says next to me, his breath on my cheek. I stop rocking and open my eyes, scowling at him.

"You've got some temper. Firey." I can see he's getting some amusement from this and I must say it's soooo not funny! I'm not in the mood to have jokes being made out of me!

"Billie? Ash were's Billie?" I hear Jade and roll my eyes.

I start to leg it down the garden, not wanting to talk to any of them. I climb up the tree, as high as I dare and close my eyes tight.

"Wow, you're fast for a human. Where'd ya go?" I hear Chase from the botom of the tree. I smile slightly, when I'm as still as this, with my eyes shut, people normally can't see me.

"Leon says you lot have got powers, what's yours? Short fuse?"

I jump down, landing perfectly in front of him with my hands on my hips.

He gives me a lazy smile.

"There ya are. Thought you were going to play hide-and-seek with me."

I smile, looking into his eyes.

"Oh, I'm the best at that game." I say, my voice calm. Guess that run and climb was good. Or was it? What's happening with my moods?!

Chase lifts an eyebrow. "Oh really? You see I'm the best at finding."

"Well, I'm the best at hiding." I say with a smile. I turn invisable then run behind him.  Seriously, what's happening to me? Ever since I came to England I've been quiet, now I'm getting louder, angrier and more mad!

He looks around dumbstruck. I giggle in his ear and run off towards the house.

"Come and get me wolf boy. Lets see if the best seeker can find the best hider!" I yell back to him.

I dodge past Ash, Jade and Leon in the kitchen. They look a bit confused.

"Where's Billie gone?" Jade asks,  a bit of panic in her voice, her eyes searching the garden as Chase runs towards them. He's there in secounds, his smile still on his face.

"She's hiding and I'm gonna find her." He says with a wink.

I roll my eyes and turn, nearly walking into Sarah.

I smile, knowing she can't see me, and punch her in the face.

Her head snaps back, her eyes livid as her hands go to her cut lip.

"What the...?"

I kick her in the stomache before she can say anything else.

She starts to cough and the others turn around.

"Guess we know Billie's in the house." Ash mutters shaking his head.

I laugh loudly and run upstairs, knowing they'll follow me.

Hmm, where to go?

The End

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