Mike: clearingMature

I grab my coat as I head outside, I need some space all of this was more then my overtired brain wanted to handle, and to top it off I couldn't go to sleep, even if I wanted to.

"Oi, where are you going?" Sarah asks noticing my escape.

"Out." I say simply with an underlining harshness hoping she would get the message I needed the space.

"Can I come?" She asks.

"No." I say closing the door, I say with more harshness. It wasn't nice but it was obvious she is the person who is persistent, and may not get a hint. I take a right down the street. The air so cold my each breath turned into a thick vapour, and water droplets began amassing on my jacket. I shrugged it off even though I knew something was up. I had to many things on  my mind, my past, the book, the other side of me, vampires, now werewolves. What's next? Goblins?Elves? Ghost? Albino crocodiles that live in the sewer system? A few days ago if you mentioned vampires being real to me I would think your nuts. Now I would be worried for your safety. 

Then there is my past, I have vivid memories, that may or may not be mine, about a well lit white room, doctors, and being inside a tube filled with water and being observed. Was I really a clone? Am I really an military creation? If so what was I supposed to be used for? I bet if I was created by the military they wouldn't consider me a person, and thats why I knew the other side of only knew hatred.  I felt pity for him or it but at the same time I despised him for what he is and what he did.

I also feared him even though I knew he was dead there was a part of me screaming that he is still here inside me, and will extract his revenge, leading me to my fear of sleeping. I was terrified he would take over or something. I shook my head its an irrational fear he is dead. Still the feeling remained.

When I finally observe my surroundings I find myself  standing on top of a old brick structure that overlooked a good portion of the city, I sit down hanging my legs over the edge thinking less and taking in the stunning view of all the lights standing to together in the cold night.  I hear footsteps behind me.

"Hey." A friendly voice says.

The End

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