Werewolves Are So...Annoying!Mature


I stare at Jade, gobsmacked, as she strokes the werewolf.

"Jade...?" Ash starts and she stops him with a soft laugh as the werewolf licks her cheek. Ashs jaw tightens and his eyes darken, narrowing into slits.

"Oh this is Leon, a good friend of mine. Leon this is Ash, Mike and Billie. Who ya got here with you then?" Jade asks, her eyes sparkling, a huge smile on her face  'cause of her reunion.

I hold the book tighter to my chest and look around, starting to feel cold. Mike catches my eye and smiles slightly, placing a comforting hand on my shoulder but I shrug it off and walk up to the werewolves next to Jade.

"Oh boy do you smell, talk about dog breath!" I joke holding my nose and pulling a face. Jade laughs and a sence of humor sparkles in Leons eyes. I jump when one of the wolfs snarls at me.

I scowl at eye, staring right into her eyes, not breaking the eye contact first.

Leon shifts his head and growls at the snarling female wolf, she insantly backs off, still glaring at me.

Suddenly the wolf, Leon, starts to change. His body becoming smaller, less hairy, more like a mans. Okay, as he's a werewolf and all, he is a man. A tall man. Great.

His yellow eyes are what I first notice about him, they're the same as when he's a wolf. Hmm, I wounder what the others look like. Hopefully the female is smaller then me so if she dare snarls at me again, I can break her wolf nose!

For a while I'm shocked that I even thought that, I'm not normally this violent.

I look at the other two wolves to find that they have turned into human form aswell. I scowl at the girl as she scowls at me, she's a couple of inches taller then me but I can still take her! If I can't reach her face at these I can rip her ankles off!

I turn my gaze to the other wolf. He's tall too and muscular. He's wearing dark jeans, with some holes by the knees, and a ripped black shirt. He gives me a lazy smile, making my eyes narrow even more. His eyes sparkle a bit, amused. I roll my eyes and look back at the others.

"Hi. I'm Leon and this is Chase and my sister Sarah." Leon smiles, looking at each of us, his eyes lingering on Jade for a while. I look at Ash, seeing his glare on Leon who seems amused by it.

I roll my eyes, looks like Ash is jealous. Stupid boy, Jade likes him like he likes her.

"Aren't you going to invite us in?" Leon asks with a smirk. Ashs jaw tightens and nods slightly, turning back towards the house, not without putting his arm around Jades shoulders first.

Mike starts to walk over to me, his hand outstreached for mine, I flick my hair as I turn and follow the other two inside. I see Jade mutter something to Ash, their eyes flicking towards Leon. Jades gaze is friendly and full of love whereas Ashs is deep hatered. He shrugs and storms off into another room, the living room.

Well this is going to be fun.

"Guess someone needs to get the point." A low, deep voice whispers in my ear. I quickly quicken my pace and peer out of the corner of my yellow eyes to see the other wolf boy smiling at me. Chase, I think his name is.

"What?" I hiss at him, scowling again.

He laughs loudly, amused at my glare. What is up with these creatures? Why do they think it's funny when someone scowls at them?

"That guy you were with, the one talking to Sarah." Chase says, amusment in his dark sea green eyes. I look back, my jaw tighten as I see Mike and the female wolf talking together. I snap my head back as we step into the house.

If she thinks she can flutter her eyelids and put Mike under her spell she's got another thing coming!

I shake my head, what's going on with me today?

"So you don't like him like he likes you then?" He asks, an eyebrow raised. I scowl at him.

"That is none of you'r business! And if I were you, I would keep you'r ugly big nose out of it!" I hiss. Chase laughs again.

"Oh, I wouldn't say my nose is big and ugly. Like the rest of me, it's perfect." I roll my eyes at him. Bigheaded much! I ignore him and stand by Jade.

"Aren't you coming in too?" I ask her, my voice hard but she doesn't notice just shakes her head and smiles.

"No, me and Leon have some catching up to do. We'll be in soon." Her voice light. I roll my eyes about to say something when Mike and Sarah walk in, smiles on both of their faces.

Mike catches my eye. "Billie I think we should ta..."

I storm inside of the living room before he can finish and sit opposite Ash.

Ash is in his armchair, looking pissed off. "You can sit on the sofa you know, you don't have to sit on the floor." He says, keeping his voice normal, but I can tell he's really annoyed.

I shrug. "Prefer the floor. And I thought you would just love your sofa stinking off wet dog." I say as Chase comes in, a cocky smile on his face as he sits next to me. I move away, my face set in a blank expression.

Mike comes in and sits next to Ash, Sarah sitting down on the floor by Mikes feet. She glares at me, a smirk set on her face. I pull the book closer to me as my thoughts turn to trhe many ways I could take her out.

For a long while we all sit in silence. Ash scowling at the door, probably wait for Jade to walk through it with the werewolf. Sarah still smirking at me and Mike trying to catch my eye but I ignore him stubbonly.

Chase is the only one who looks calm in this situation. I have a feeling that he's normally like this.

"Well this is fun. Better be careful, too much fun and we'll loose track of why we're here." Chase says smiling wide. I roll my eyes and Sarah snorts.

"Like you care why we're here. All you care about is fun fun fun." She says, her face softer then before.

"Hmm, fun is always good." He smiles and looks at me. I scowl at him. Stupid werewolf flirt.

Mike clears his throat, fustrated I think but maybe not, I can't read him that well. "Why are you here?" He asks, glaring at Chase.

"What's wrong, had enough of the bitch being all over ya with her snobby nose?" I snarl, my tone dark. Mike looks at me shocked and confused.

"You what? What did you call me?!" Sarah snaps, getting to her feet.

I shrug. "Well, I called ya a lot of things, but nothing that's not true." I say, my tone normal but my eyes livid.

"Oooooh." Chase says, with a smile still on his face.

"Maybe you'd like me to say what you are..." She starts.

"Knock it off! If you two want to fight then go outside!" Ash snaps. "Why are you lot here?" He asks, rubbing his eyes.

"Can't you feel it? The world's changing. And not good changing. Many are starting to hear things. Starting to see things. And not good things. The stuff that they are seeing is horrible, scarring." Sarah says, sitting down again.

"Stuff like your face then?" I ask, Chase laughing next to me.

Sarah scowls at me.

"Will you cut it out Billie? What the hell's wrong with you?" Mike asks.

I scowl at him. How can he take her side?!

"Anyways, we heared the leeches have lost their spell book, one that has been around for centuaries. Years ago, when all creatures lived in harmony, everyone used to add to it. Now it's missing and bad changes are happening. We believe that the vampires are behind the change. Leon, Sarah and I are out looking for the book. We think that it will have a way to slow down or stop this change all together." Chase says in his deep voice.

I must say I'm surprised, Chase doesn't look like the kind of guy to know all that stuff.

"Vampire book?" Ash asks, sitting back in his chair thinking.

"Yup. They stole it a way long time ago and it's been in their possestion for years. Until now." Sarah puts in.

"Vampire book? Hey, Billie, maybe that's what the book we took is." Mike says looking at me and then the book. I pull it closer to me.

"You've got it?!" Sarah asks, staring at it too.

I jump to my feet. Mike gets up too.

"Come on Billie, give us the book. Would it kill you to part with it? Just hand it over okay?" Mike asks only inches away from me.

I scowl at him again. He looks into my yellow eyes but doesn't back down.

"Shut up Mike you can't tell me what to do!" I snap at him.

He opens his mouth to say something else. Everyone's staring at me. Great.


"You're not Matt!" I scream at him, shaking. The book glows abit, like it's somehow connected to my anger.

I storm out of the room before anyone can do anything about it and head to my room. I slam the door and lock it. No way are they taking the book from me. It's mine!

Who does Mike think he is? Like hell am I going to do what he says! It's all his fault anyway, I didn't want this book at first and he was annoyed at that, now he's annoyed that I do want it?! Stupid boy!

I lean my back against the door.

I look at my bed and see Frazz. He must of come through my open window.

"Why Frazzel? Why is everything so hard?" I ask, my throat tight. Frazz flys from my bed to next to me. "How does Mike think he can tell me what to do? He's not Matt! Matt used to be able to get me to do things his way, but that wasn't so bad. He understood some things and didn't prees others. Not like Mike."

I sigh deeply and bang my head against the door, tears threatening to spill down my face thinking of Matt. Thinking of the way things used to be, thinking of his blood pouring out of him as I stab that stake into his chest.

I'll never forget the look in his eyes. Shock, worry, anger, love, confusion.

In that spilt second he was the Matt I once knew. Poor Matt.

Tears start to fall from my eyes.

"Why Frazz? Why? Why does everyone who is near me gets hurt at some point? Why do they expect me to do what they want? Why did Matt have to die? I know he was bad and all but that's only because I made him that way! If I wasn't so stupid to think that I could ever be with someone then his face would of been normal and he wouldn't of became a vampire!"

I stroke Frazz lightly with one hand, gripping the book with another.

I can feel the power coming from it. So strong. So inviting. It wouldn't hurt if I did a little spell out of it would it? Just a little one. Nothing too bad. I know that I feel more powerful when I read from it and my fingers are tingerly with the thought of it.

I open the book, wanting to see the blue glow coming from it, knowing that if I read from it I'll glow like it too. Just one spell that's all....

Someone knocks on the door, making the vibrations run through my back. I snap the book shut, bringing my knees to my chest.

I look at Frazz, seeing the sorrow and understanding in his eyes. "I know you can hear me Frazz. Thankyou for being here with me." I whisper to the firery bird with a faint smile.

The door vibrates again as the knock is harder this time.

"Billie. I know you're in there. Just let me in okay?" His voice comes through the wood of the door and reachs my ears.

I sigh and turn the book invisable, hiding it in my backpack. I stand up straight, dry my face, and open the door.

"What do you want?" I snap at Mike and seeing the others behind him.

I roll my eyes and put a hand on my hip. "Well?"

"Give us the book." Sarah snarls, dislike showing clearly on her face.

"Bit me." I snarl back and slam the door.

"Urgh! Werewolves are sooooo annoying!" I say to Frazzel, loud enough for the others to hear. I think I can hear Chase laugh and Sarah snap something at him. I shrug, putting my backpack on my bed and laying down with my earphones in.

I stroke Frazzel and turn the music up so he can hear it too.

The End

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