Old FriendsMature

Jade Sapphire

I was bit surprised with the whole "moment" I had with Ash. Even now, sitting on the bed I was replaying the moment again and again in my head. With a sigh, I lay down on the bed and pulled the sheets over my head.

"Urgh," I groaned, rubbing my head. Then a sudden peircing spasm of pain hit me and I gasped. I was thinking this was happening all because of my powers. Was there a side effect to how much I used it?

With a groan, I got up from the bed and headed downstairs. No way was I going to be able to sleep in this condition. Just as I was about to walk out the front door, I bumped into Ash.

"Good, you're here," he muttered, grabbing my hand and pulling me out toward the garden.

"What's going on?" I asked. His face was quite stern and serious and Ash usually didn't look like this.

"J-jade, good thing you're here." Billie stuttered, Mike standing next to her.

"What's going on?" I repeated.

"We have a few unwelcome visitors," Ash muttered.

I looked past them and my eyes widened the moment I laid my eyes on them. Two brown and one silver wolf stared back at me. Pushing past the others I walked toward them.

"Jade, what are you doing?"

Ignoring Ash, I kept walking till I was standing right in front of the wolves. Reaching out my hand, I rested it on the head of the one with the dark brown fur. My greenly blue eyes reflected back at me through the wolves orbs.

I grinned and said, "Long time no see, Leon."

The End

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