Ash River

"You've gotta be kidding me Frazzle, why did you bring me here?" I stood in the doorway of my parent's room, but when I looked round Frazzle was gone. Slowly I walked around the room going over to the wardrobe opposite the window and opened the creaky door. The moonlight shone over the clothes, I fell to my knees feeling the ache in my chest and trying to stop the tears.

Then my eyes caught sight of something familiar hidden under a pile of jumpers. It was a black plain box, big and heavy too.

"O'my god." I gasped taking in out of the wardrobe and putting it on the floor in front of me. I ran my fingers over the lid before opening it. "I haven't seen this is 10 long years." It was my art box and folder.

I hadn't drawn anything since that day, well doodles on the paper and other things. But nothing like I used to and I missed it.

"No time like the present." I smiled remembering what my mum used to say to me. "Okay okay, I'll get to it."  And I did.


A few hours later and my eyes finally gave out on me. Sadly it didn't last for long. My eyes snapped open and shot up from the floor, the box was still open, pencils, pens and my book still as I left them. Quickly I carefully put everything back in the box, flipping through the book noticing that I drawn a lot of strange looking symbols and then leaving everything on the bed before running out the room.

I wasn't sure what it was, one thing was for sure it was nature that had woken me up and Frazzle suddenly came flying down the stairs crying at me to follow him. We both go to the garden ended up near the back were the trees begin.

I hear Mike and Billie approaching me and Frazzle then stopping.   

My heart was beating fast and I couldn't move as I looked at the golden eyes.

"Erm Ash, just wondering but." Mike began everything coming out in a rush. "H-how are you with werewolves?"

"Werewolves but there's only oneee...whoa ok maybe like threeee." Billie stutters. She was right. I was only focusing on the big dark brown one with the golden eyes. But there were more, a lighter brown and one with sliver fur.

They were wolves but a lot bigger then normal. "Um well. To answer your question Mike. I erm. Only met one a few years ago, but in human form and she wasn't the pleasantest wolf I've ever met."

"O' well is she any of these."

"No she told me she was a grey."

"Guy's seriously like what are we going to do?" Billie piped up

"Where the hell's Jade?" I asked not taking my eyes off the werewolves'.


The End

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