What The...?Mature


Light. Blue light everywhere. Power. Power from the strange blue light moving around me. I put my hand up to touch in and the blue light rushes into my hand, I can feel power coming into me and sudddenly it quickly goes and is replaced by the book that me and Mike found. I touch it and try to pull away but my hand seems to be stuck to the books cover. What's going on?

The pages start to turn and I can feel myself go into the book...

I bolt upright, breathing deeply. I look around and I've found myself in  a bedroom. How did I get here? I was outside with Mike.... Where's Mike? I start to scan the room for Mike. Where is he? And where is that book?

I get out of bed and walk out of the room quietly.

I open the door nearest me, no book and no one inside.  Great.

I close my eyes and feel and invisable pull towards another door.

My yellow eyes snap open and I walk towards the door, putting my hand on the door knob. The book's here, aswel as something else, I can feel it. I open the door and see Mike sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

I look around the room and see the book on his bedside table.

I walk towards it and Mikes head snaps up, his eyes locking with mine, stopping me in my steps. "You're awake." He says, relief in his voice. A small smile is on his face but he seems worried, almost afraid about something.

"Er, yeah." I say, bringing my eyes back to the book. I go over to it and stroke the cover lightly, feeling a sharp pull to open the book and feel the power from inside of it.

"Billie, are you okay?" Mike asks from behind me, his breath warming my neck. I shake my head, coming out of my trance.

"Been worse. You?" I turn around, my hand still on the book, looking right into Mikes blue eyes. I notice they have orange around them. He smiles at me warmly and I smile back.

"Been worse." He jokes.

We smile at eachother for a while in silence, standing close together.

"Want to go for a walk?" Mike asks.

I nod. "Yeah, okay. Around the garden." Mike smiles at me and I turn back to the book.

Too close, we were too close, I'm not risking it.

Mike has a handsome face and I don't want to ruin in by making it go invisable in places.

I pick up the book in my arm and walk out of the bedroom, not looking back at Mike.

We both walk down the stairs and outside in silence. I breath in the cool air, holding the book closer to my chest.

"Why have you bourght that down here?" Mike asks and I scowl at him, turning away  gripping the book protectivly. "I don't like it Billie...."

"You don't have to." I snap and start to walk forward, Mike following next to me.

"I'm sorry. It's just you were so different in the car." Mike says, holding my arm, stopping me in my tracks.

"Well maybe that's what I should be like always." I mutter.

"I don't think so. You were brave, killing Matt and all, but you were so different after. And it was a strange different."

"Well, have you thought that I might of been 'different' because I just killed the man I once loved? You try that! When you fall in love, I'll get you to kill her, see how you bloody feel after." I snap, feeling the book vibrate in my arms.

Mike looks at me shocked then he notices the book vibrating.

I look down at it too, seeing a blue light weakly coming out of it. I start to inhale and exhale fast, feeling the power that is within the pages. I look back at Mike who has his eyes narrowed at the book.

"I don't think you should have that Billie."

I scowl at him. "I will do as I please." I hiss out at him, narrowing my yellow eyes too.

"Give it here."

I shake my head. " No way, it's mine!"

"Yours? It's not yours, we both took the book. You were the one who wanted to leave it behind. Give it here." He says and reaches for the book.

I move it away from him and take a few steps back.

Mike gives me a shocked look and tries to get it again.

"Back of Mike! The book's mine! It's claimed me and it's mine! You don't get to touch it! No one but me does!" I snap, the wind picking up a little around us.

Mike opens his mouth to say something then closes his mouth, looking to the end of the garden. Confusion shows clearly on his face. I frown and follow his gaze.

"Frazz? What's Frazz...?" I ask then see Ash. "Ash is there too." I turn back to Mike and then we both start running towards Ash and Frazz. Mike is in front of me but suddenly stops and grabs my wrist, pulling me towards him.

I frown at him but he doesn't see, he's looking ahead, his face becoming pale.

I hold the book closer to me. He could be trying to trick me for the book. He wants the power it holds. I won't let him take it from me, no one will.

I follow his gave and feel the blood drain from my face fast.

"What the hell.....?"

The End

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